Friday, 18 November 2016

Eddie and the Hot Rods ‎– "The Curse Of The Hot Rods" (Hound Dog Records ‎– But 002)

A bunch of previously unreleased demo's and out-takes, recorded by the 'Classic Line Up' from the peak of the Hot Rods between '76 and '78. A few of these turned up on their later albums, like 'Fish'n'Chips', and 'Hit Or Miss' was covered by the Damned (mark II).
Not quite as electrifying as Live Rods, or stuff from their first two magnificent albums, but still better than half of the also-rans from that golden period.
I suppose 'The Curse' is how inexplicable it is that such an intense and hard working band as this never got the rewards they deserved when dross like U2 and Dire Straits became world beaters?
In fact No, it's not inexplicable, its totally expected that John and Janet Q. Public automatically lean towards the crap and the bland, rather than the excitement and unpretentiousness of some honest Rock'n'Roll. 


At Night
I See The Light
Wide Eyed Kids (Different Version)
I Got Mine
Romance In A Used Car Lot
You Better Run
Making The Body Respond To The Brain
Observations Of The 2nd 2nd Time Around
Hit Or Miss
Looking Round
Red Light Blue Light
Act Sharper


Convivial Cannibal Clan said...

Get 'em Johnny! It's funny I was just watching a show where Jimmy Page supposedly cursed The Hot Rods. I'd never heard that before but then again Led Zep bores me to death. The Crowley fascination is the only thing I found interesting. Whatever. The gf will love this. I'll take all the credit! jk. Hey your Scouts stuff is rad man I've been digging it. I'll pm you soon want to do a comper its in the que. But dope stuff man. This and that! Thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Your gf is a Hot Rods fan!?...shes a rarity in the female kingdom.Nice one.
Pleased, or do they say 'stoked'(?), you're diggin' my Scouts work....that includes the new album I suspect?
I can't stand Led Zep, and their idiotic fans.....if i could be arsed I'd curse that fucking pedophile Page to a criminal investigation from the relevant authorities,and public humiliation before spending the last few years of his life in jail.
Whats a 'comper'.....i'm not hip y'see?