Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Winkies ‎– "The Winkies" (Chrysalis ‎– CHR.1066) 1975

What connects Brian Eno to the Pub Rock phenomenon? Answer is "The Winkies" who were briefly his backing band, for one tour and a Peel Session.
The Winkies included another errant American(Canadian actually), Philip Rambow, who found a home on the London Pub scene in the early to mid-seventies.
He and his band made a 1975 form of power pop; short focused rock songs, of which there was a dearth in this cultural desert of a year. Just what the average discerning Pub Rock punter wanted to hear, while getting legless . Although if they bought the Album, which no-one did of course, it would have had to be stored immediately in the back of your K-Tel record selector, so as to avoid displaying the uncomfortable Homo-erotica proudly emblazoned on the front cover.


Trust In Dick 3:39
Mailman - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 4:11
Put Out The Light 4:57
Twilight Masquerade 5:43
North To Alaska 2:55
Out On The Run 4:31
Wild Open Spaces 4:05
Long Song Coming 4:08
Davey's Blowtorch 3:22
Red Dog 5:00


George Harold said...

Do you have any other Damião Experiença stuff? Thanks for all the music!

KevM said...

Yeah thanks for the music. I loved this period. It was up and down quality wise - production, promotion, presentation, song choice (as you mentioned) - but it was real and accessible. I had to laugh about your comment on the Brinsley's, 'crap country' or something. I know, but there's still something about it. Also, seeing all this material again takes me right back there so cheers for that.