Sunday, 20 November 2016

Nick Lowe - "Jesus Of Cool" (Radar RAD 1) 1978

Dunno about being the 'Jesus of Cool', but Nick Lowe is probably the Jesus of Pub rock.....and therefore ,ultimately The Jesus of Punk and DIY.
For 'twas he who spotted the lamentable 'Eggs Over Easy' at the Tally-Ho pub and thought it would be a good idea to get a pub residency for his group, the equally lamentable Brinsley Schwarz. From there the flood gates opened and we ended up with Punk Rock and its myriad of off shoots.
Lowe himself, was a pretty talented songsmith and producer , so it was inevitable he would have a solo album at some point; and here it is ,jam packed with clever catchy pop songs.It even contains a 'Hit'!?
Pathetically, this great album was renamed "Pure Pop For Now People" in the USA, because you can't mention Jesus over there without having death threats from the American Taliban. The memory of the John Lennon bigger than Jesus comment was still raw in the memory of the record executives.
I can just imagine the Record Company chief;like a fatter Mike Pence, wearing a double breasted polyester suit, aviator shades, Hawaiian shirt, and huge Cuban cheroot  ,bellowing 'The Jesus of WHAT!!!??..... I got it, we'll call it "Pure Pop For Now People" get outta here!'.
Out of all the different industries why is the record industry run by complete Twats!?
I also notice mention of the word "Hitler" in the track listing, which in the modern day politically correct world can give cause for different kinds of Twats to accuse you of antisemitism or worse. In fact just saying that could leave your author open to accusations of Holocaust Denial!?
I prefer to call it historical revisionism anyway.(more post-truth?)


Music For Money 2:03
(I Love The Sound Of) Breaking Glass 3:05
Little Hitler 2:51
Shake And Pop 3:13
Tonight 3:45
So It Goes 2:23
No Reason 3:25
36 Inches High 2:50
Marie Provost 2:41
Nutted By Reality 2:46
Heart Of The City (Live) 4:15

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abramson said...

Worth a listen if only for the opening line of Nutted by Reality, but of course it it was so much more.