Thursday, 3 November 2016

Kokomo ‎– "Kokomo" (CBS) 1975

Roogalator weren't the only Funky band on the Pub Rock scene you know!...They were by far the best and most edgy pub funk group around, but there was also Kokomo, who played a soft, almost chart friendly form of Funky Disco, with a splash of white soul.
This was very a fashionable sound for 1975, when the Disco beat had started to infiltrate the Funk, ironing the Funk out of it.
Classic Funk had more or less fizzled out by the dawn of 1975, pretty much like every other form of music.
Formed in 1973, this blue-eyed soul band was made up from the remnants of several British groups.
Vocalists Dyan Birch, Paddie McHugh and Frank Collins were ex members of Arrival, a superior pop harmony band, while Neil Hubbard (guitar) and Alan Spenner (bass) had previously worked with Joe Cocker's Grease Band.They split in 1977, along with everyone else.
In fact,Kokomo made very pleasant easy listening for making love to yer best girlie to.......who's says this blog isn't eclectic?


Kitty Sittin' Pretty 4:53
Anytime 3:53
I'm Sorry Babe 4:02
Forever 4:23
It Ain't Cool (To Be Cool No More) 5:00
Feeling This Way 4:33
Sweet Sugar Thing 5:04
I Can Understand It 7:45
Angel 5:20


Ian said...

Saxophonist Mel Collins went on to play with another pub rock favorite, King Crimson. Perhaps a taste of that will be posted here at the mighty Die? Hmm.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think King Crimson may be stretching the remit of this blog somewhat.....even though I am a big fan, especially the 72-74 period.