Monday, 21 November 2016

Con-Dom ‎– "Even More Racial Hatred" (Zeal SS ‎– o51) 1986

Here's one for Trump and Farage Supporters (aka Thick Twats).
Now, after all that Pub Rock, its time to get back to (Ab)normality; so we'll start by going straight off into the deep end with a little bit of confrontational liberal-baiting Noise by Human Animal Mike Dando, aka Con-Dom. Not a reference to prophylactic's, but maybe a pun that is supposed to refer to the sexual term (Con)trol and (Dom)ination.......a naughty boy he is too.
Not everyone's cup of tea, Dando's live show's are a primal scream of an in your face confrontation of social Taboo's. The ugly side of the human animal is displayed in all its unpleasant glory.
Its a kind of honesty, which is why a favourite theme is always Nazi Germany, where, like it or not, was home to one of the most Honest Politicians of all time.....yes....uncle Adolf. He is virtually alone in political history as a politician who told you what he was going to do, and then did it,even their propaganda ministry was called "The Propaganda Ministry" for Christs sake!? And everyone was shocked. A bit like a Con-Dom Live Assault. They know whats going to happen, and then they complain, when Mr Dando grabs a audience members crotch mid scream.
Con-Dom explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with a violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known on the industrial scene for his furious ravaging vocals and devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal.
This stuff is even more relevant 30 years on than back in 1986; when racism was more an underground cult than in post-Brexit Britain, and with the election of Donald Trump as leader of the 'Free' world!!!!????.....did i dream that or is it true? Now, racism is blatantly displayed in public, after it was given the thumbs up by that stupid Referendum campaign and by the intellectual minnows of the pro-Trump movement. They wouldn't like Con-Dom because he encapsulates what they really are.....but with more honesty.
This is definitely real 'Post-Truth' musik, that appeals, positively, or negatively ,direct to the emotions.
Enjoy.....or not, as is most likely the case; I find it quite a cathartic listening experience in short doses.

A Kampf 24:37
B Live Assault 20 26:04

Trainspotter Notes:
"Kampf" recorded at the Midland Group Studio, Nottingham. 12th June, 1985.
"Live Assault 20" recorded at The Council House, Smethick, Birmingham. 13 November, 1985. Includes "The Right Future", "New Holocaust 2", "Even More Racial Hatred" + film "Calling All Aryans".


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Alan Burns said...

hey Jonny, long time no comment, shame on me. Headed straight over when this showed up in my blogroll as a power electronics aficionado, and equally because I knew you'd absolutely nail the writeup. Kudos, as always.

Almost every word on that cassette cover could've come straight off a late-2016 Daily Mail comments board...

Martin Radio said...

Awesome, love ur blog (also check out mine! got some tunes)

Cameron Allen said...

Lefties are the biggest Nazi Jew-haters on the planet, next to observant Muslims. Study some history, you pathetic clowns. Brexit, stop Marine Le Pen - get used to it - you smug middle-class wannabe radicals are finished.

Jonny Zchivago said...

he he you're good.
I suppose the word Socialist was included in the Nazi party's full name, and workers too. So you're not far off there.
I live in Le Pen country, one of our local mayors is Front Nationale. And i can tell you now, Le Pen has has next to zero chance of winning the presidential second round vote. This is because the electoral system in France is much more proportionally representative of the population as a whole.
She has a very good chance of getting to the final round, mainly because the 'Lefties' have made such a fuck up of the whole country.
I for one may be smug, but i definitely ain't middle class, and frequently get accused of being both a Nazi and a communist.
Hey check out my next post('Hate'), it features the assassinated former leader of the American Nazi Party.......right up your alley......could well be Trump next.
I'll get on to studying some history pronto.