Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Prutsers - "Volume 3" - (Year Zero Records YEAR040) 2016

You want more hopelessly obscure Dutch DIY dabblings from the eighties do you?
Thankfully Year Zero Records has cobbled together a Third(?)  volume of lunacy from Rotterdam nutters The 'Prutsers'.
Jan and Henk engaging in some light reading before an evening in front of the Television
Henk, Jan and Robo, bring you the usual,and the very unusual, madness from the squatlands of Rotterdam in the early to mid 1980's.
Robot voices mix with accordions,toy instruments, cheap samplers, and pots and pans, as The Residents get blended with Danny and the Dressmakers in a broken sonic liquidizer, then poured slowly into your ear.

Jan and Henk relaxing at home
Just think with a moments horror, what would have happened to Prutsers if they were rich, had top of the range equipment; then got put into a recording studio with a top'd end up with something like Westlife probably, instead of Pondlife.
For sheer inventiveness alone this is worth the price of a FREE download!....surely.....its funny as well!
Jan and Robo enjoying some spare time
Track Listing:

1 In Den Beginnen
2 Love is the Drug
3 Modern Ridderverhaal
4 Mijn Naam Is Hector de Computer
5 Als u Het Niet Aanzien Wil
6 Let's All Chant
7 Wouterje
8 Der Buurman
9 In Mijn Huis Woont een Spook
10 Ein Stuck Von Mir
11 Prutsers but made by ton van Hammond
12 Foggy Days Are Here Again
13 Ontevreden met het Heden
14 Hobabaloeka
15 Kleuter Medley
16 In Perfect Evenwicht
17 Paperclip Polka
18 Pecos Bill
19 Struisvogel ei
20 To The Point
21 Zware Kost
22 Heartbreak Hotel

DOWNLOAD a third volume of drug crazed dutch weirdness from the eighties HERE!


paulo said...

this makes me proud to be 50% dutch. it'sure is gonna be on repeat this awful holiday season to chase away the gloom

Henk Madrotter said...

Cool!!! Hard to explain how much fun we had making this music, sometimes we had to start over and start over and start over again because we would be on the floor laughing.... I remember one song, maybe it's on volume 1 or 2 or maybe you didn't share it, Appie Eet Een Flappie, we all thought our bellies would burst, trying to sing such nonsense earnestly :) ....

The 10th song, Ein Stuck Von Mir, I recorded that one solo at home, One of the first songs I did after I bought a four track cassette recorder (the very first song I made was Speedking), I didn't have that old casio sampler yet then, all I had was my drumkit, an old guitar, an old harmonium and a bunch of children instruments....

I think I send you a lot of my 80's/90's solo stuff I think, didn't I? It all became a bit of a hiphoppy industrial thing after I got that sampler but before that. lots of pure madness... I think I've got one cassette somewhere that was done without a sampler, will see if I can find it and rip it and send it to you... But be warned, a lot of it is probably too silly and weird :)

Judas Vigilante said...

Hi, Can't get this mother to download. Anyone else having problems with mediafire? BTW I'm not pissing on your turkey JZ. Great job and much praise as usual.Just I have less probs with google drive links.
Have a great one.

Judas Vigilante said...

Don't panic Capt Mannering. Mediafire seems to have found it's dummy tit again and is working. Ah a nice bottle of whiskey and some new dutch music from JV. Does life get any better!!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't get to say this much at this time of year,but...

Yeah, normally use google drive, but they don't gimmie any download stats, whereas Mediafire do.
Hate Mediafires guts, but, if its a Year Zero release its good to know how many people have downloaded 'em, know what I mean?

Careful with that whiskey....that and a dose of Prutser madness could get messy.


Judas Vigilante said...

Thanks Jonny as always. Is there anything you can't do?!?!