Thursday, 17 November 2016

Eddie And The Hot Rods ‎– "Doing Anything They Wanna Do...18 Hot Rods Rockers" (Anagram Records ‎– CDMGRAM 108) 1996

The pop group I've seen live more than any other, second only to Volcano The Bear(who aren't pop I suppose?), is the superbly energetic Eddie and the Hot Rods. UK Proto-Punk Pub Rock at its very zenith; balls to the wall rock'n'roll, played at a pace not seen or heard before. This was one of the primary sources of the speed with which the majority of the lesser Punk groups played; noticeably The Pistols and the Clash were sedentary in comparison to the Rods (The Damned are,of course, excused from this criticism).
This nastily packaged compilation brings together the Rods better singles, a superb peel session, and some intense live stuff. It's all pretty high octane stuff, and one of the better collections for this great group.
"Do Anything You Wanna Do" is probably one of the more appropriate theme tunes for this blog, and something I've done all my should you.


1 Get Out Of Denver
2 Horseplay
3 All I Need Is Money
4 Writing On The Wall
5 Wooly Bully
6 Been So Long
7 Get Across To You
8 Double Checkin' Woman
9 G.L.O.R.I.A.
10 At Night
11 I Got Mine
12 I See The Light
13 Teenage Depression (Live)
14 Do Anything You Wanna Do (Live)
15 Quit This Town (Live)
16 Telephone Girl (Live)
17 Moon Tears (Live)
18 You Better Run (Live)


loveisthedevil said...

Thanks for the Hot Rods, truly glad to have it

rev.b said...

Eddie does look pretty exasperated. I'll have to give this a try. Thx Jonny.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Eddie is actually Barrie (Masters), there was never an Eddie in the band. Could have been a tribute to Eddie Cochran, but as far as I know he is a fictional band mate.

rev.b said...

Make that Barrie then .

urko-bezerko said...

I always assumed it was a reference to the Late Great Ed Hollis their manager. but i may be way off.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well in the good old days we could rgue about this all day, but now, with the aid of technology we can find out with the click of a button:
"... the Hot Rods underwent several changes in personnel: One of the first members to leave the band was Eddie himself, a dummy that featured prominently in the Hot Rods' early gigs and was discarded as the joke had worn thin." ( wikipedia)