Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Mick Farren ‎– "Vampires Stole My Lunch Money" (Logo ‎– LOGO 1010) 1978

Proto-Punker ,Political Activist, and Journalist, the late Mick Farren, also late of sixties hippie punks, The Deviants; assembled the glitterati of Pub Rock to help him make a solo album.....and this is it.
Employing the considerable talents of former band mate Larry Wallis, and a guest appearance from the godlike Wilko Johnson, he managed to create a half decent post-pub rock style punk album.
There seems to be an underlying theme of Drunkenness and beer, and why not, i've heard it can be fun, if kept under control, but also a slow train to self-destruction.....a subject mentioned in at least one of these tunes.
As the king of late sixties couterculture, Michael isn't one to shy away from politically charged social comment, and there is inevitably some of that concealed in the lyrics here. There are moments when he becomes a white Gil Scott Heron, and that's a good thing....I think?


Trouble Coming Every Day
Half Price Drinks
I Don't Want To Go This Way
I Want To Drink
Son Of A Millionaire
Zombie Line
Bela Lugosi
People Call You Crazy
Fast Eddie
Let Me In, Damn You
(I Know From) Self Destruction
Drunk In The Morning

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