Monday, 21 November 2016

Eggs Over Easy ‎– "Good 'N' Cheap"(A&M Records ‎– SP 4366) 1972

From the smallest seeds grow mighty trees which bare the strangest fruit,
Eggs Over Easy, despite the terrible name, and bland post-hippie soft country rock, were the catalyst that eventually produced Punk Rock and its many children.
Stuck in London in 1971, after some financial irregularities in the USA led to them being advised to stay away. Being at a loose end they persuaded the landlord of the Tally-Ho pub in kentish Town to give them a couple of gigs.
Impressed local musicians, such as Nick Lowe were suitably inspired enough to have a go themselves.One thing led to another and before you could say "mine's a pint", there were similar bands springing up all over London with an eager audience queuing to see them. Before long, a 'movement' was born.These bands took to the tiny pub stages with the bare minimum of equipment and stripped music back to its basics.
Although they were only in London for a matter of months, the effect the Eggs had on music in the Britain's capital would mutate into something very different indeed. Like a pebble tossed into a still pond, the ripples would reach out to influence the whole planet.
Its effect was a bit like when the 'Non-interference directive' in Star Trek was slightly ignored and whole planets ended up as Nazi Germany, or Gangland Chicago in the 1920's.
All this from the most inoffensive and dull band one could ever imagine.
Stiff Records impresario Jake Riviera summed up the need for Pub Rock in this quote:
"Before pub rock people used to think the ideal gig was somewhere like Guildford Civic where you could sit cross-legged and watch King Crimson pan across the stereo. But with the Ducks, the Eggs and the Brinsleys, instead of sitting there reverently impressed, you could get effin' legless and have a good time!"


A1 Party Party 2:58
A2 Arkansas 3:57
A3 Henry Morgan 4:39
A4 The Factory 3:00
A5 Face Down In The Meadow 4:07
B1 Home To You 3:54
B2 Song Is Born Of Riff And Tongue 4:18
B3 Don't Let Nobody 3:02
B4 Runnin' Down To Memphis 3:14
B5 Pistol On The Shelf 3:33
B6 Night Flight 3:35

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