Saturday, 19 November 2016

Eddie And The Hot Rods ‎– "Live At The Rainbow 1977"

The thing about Eddie and The Hot Rods was they looked like us 'real' kids, not the posh kids from Bromley , or the cliques from The Kings Road and Camden.Well at least before they started to wear expensive Ramones style biker jackets. It was impossible to buy drainpipe trousers anywhere, never mind designer bondage gear,
In Southend and the other provinces, we never had any art school drop out pop Svengali to introduce us to French Situationists, and the concept of Anarchy. We were angry and wanted an outlet, and if it rocked we wanted to hear it, bedecked in flared jeans, seventies polyester shirts and football scarves. So we definitely identified immediately with groups like  The Hot Rods and Slaughter and the Dogs.It helped that they had records out before the punks too;but,It took time to see that the Punk groups were in fact just like us too, but with less silly clothes on.
Here's the boys in their preferred environment, live, fast and sweaty, cranking it out for the kids. Although the Rainbow was a bit too big for them to be as intense as they could be in a small club or a pub; nevertheless, a shit hot performance, albeit a badly mixed soundboard recording.


1 Get Access To You
2 96 Tears
3 Keep On Keepin' on
4 All I Need Is Money
5 Show Me
6 Woolly Bully
7 Horseplay
8 Why Can't It Be
9 The Kids Are Alright
10 Teenage Depression
11 Been So Long
12 Hard Drivin' Man
13 Double Checkin' Woman
14 On The Run
15 Get Out Of Denver
16 Gloria
17 Writing On The Wall

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