Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Komovari64 - "Pana Pagan / Stop" (self released Cassingle / Privaat Band Een) 1982

Komovari64's 'hit' cassingle from 1982; a dark journey into the claustrophobic world of DIY electronica from a planet still shivering in the Cold War.
"Pana Pagan" sounds like malfunctioning Soviet technology serving the launch systems of a fleet of  Soviet Fusion weapon's ,the Tsar Bomba's. Waiting to vaporise your painful existence at the slightest crackling of an outdated valve.
Although, having Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence with their unstable pinkie's hovering over the nuclear button, makes Soviet Russia seem a reassuringly comforting memory.
Side B, is the best advice I could possibly give these idiotic masters of war......STOP!.....just STOP IT !!!!
Classic obscure almost computerless, handmade and handplayed, minimal electronics from a nearly forgotten age........check out his story,and find more tracks, on the previous post by clicking HERE!

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