Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Two Daughters – "Two Daughters" (Methane Music ) 1980

More Old Skool Industrial chaps ,chapettes and other types of chaps? Anyone whose gender self identity I've not included,write your name and address on a postcard and send it to Vladimir Putin who has recently come out as a Chick with a error on my part...a bloodthirsty dictator and child killer.Please feel free to add that definition on your postcard.
This cassette was made by a couple of Burkes,Anthony and Paul, who had excitedly just heard about the festive joys of Tape Loops and 23 Skidoo's more ethereal percussive moments. Add to that zesty cocktail a stiff portion of cheap effects and you've got one thick slice of DIY Industrial, 1980 style.The watershed year for popular music.
Suitably analogue and darkly ambient, I could could listen to this in a darkened room for at least an hour,non-stop, breaking only for tea and biscuits and a nice long piss. Hang on, this only runs for fifty minutes, so it's not a shop bought brand name C-60,these Burkes spent money on it!The sell-outs!
Of course, newly rediscovered cassettes like this are lauded as works of near-genius by culture starved geeks hither and yon,but back in 1980, everyone was doing this.....some still are,like a UK Subs of Industrial music.What d'you want?....A Medal?


A1 Ladder Of Souls 
A2 Return Call - We Are
A3 Sad Horizons
A4 So I
B1 Return Call
B2 Drums
B3 Air Lair
B4 Aaaaaar


/][/ said...

Hey man just letting you know I am okay. You are a true free spirit fam and I will always be in debt to the massive amount of catch up culture you have been dedicated enough to rehash for all of our slimey asses... well anyways... could not find you in goo search but i know the by heart by now!!! Just wanted to say "FUCK THE SYSTEM!" maybe for the last time but like whatever man!




(sic) @ et al.


Jonny Zchivago said...

I assume this is Andy? Yeah?
Having nearly paid off my mortgage,the current situation reminds me of the last verse of Crass's "System System System"

"...The couple views the wreckage
And dreams of home sweet home,
They'd almost paid their mortgage,
Then the system dropped its bomb."

Life imitates art imitates death.

I'm off to the Ukrainian embassy to enlist...lets go out with a bang old friend.......apart from that how are you and what are you English please?

C.W. Moss said...

Reissued by flatulent Frank N. Farter on VOD in 2019 btw.

Jonny Zchivago said...

we are not worthy.

Philip Sanderson said...

I used to get regular emails asking if I had any info on or rare recordings of Two Daughters and were they the same people as Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey. Just like the spam offering a share in an African billionaire's fortune if I just handed over my bank details the emails have dried up now and are just a fond memory...

Jonny Zchivago said...

No Philip!///i Gave all of my details to a nice african man last week,and now i'm a multi-millionaire!...YOU MISSED OUT big time. Sad thing is he paid me in rubles.

Philip Sanderson said...

all you get from Rubles is rubble