Thursday, 3 March 2022

Two Daughters – "Gloria / Kiss The Cloth" (United Dairies – UDT 026) 1981

Two Daughters...Two cassettes!? Who'd have believed it?
On this one they courted the ear of Steven Stapleton,yes he of Nurse With Woooooounduh.....sorry, I nearly dropped off there for a minute. 
So this is on United Dairies as a result.
The Burkes,Anthony and Paul, upped the ante in the tape loops department,and eagerly manned the fader knobs on their cheapo mixer. Whereas NON made loops of Nazi marching bands,the Burkes shockingly use 23 Skidoo-style loops of Gamelan orchestra's,something the Skidders took to its logical limit,and please don't do it again,on the studio side of the otherwise brilliant "The Culling Is Coming".
Blatant copying, some call it 'Inspiration' was thinly disguised in the early industrial world,the most popular source of inspiration ,along with many other item's Cab-like,was Cabaret Voltaires' found dialogue method.....of which there are thankfully none on this tape, well-done Daughters.Others went for Cosey's space-echoed badly plsyed Cornet....see 400 Blows (and indeed 23 Skidoo again)for that one;also not nabbed by the daughters. With relief they also don't plagiarise Genesis P. Orridge's obsession with murderers and Nazi's,or any obvious pilfering of anything William S. Burroughs. All clichés that induce within me a inescapable desire to sleep....even more than that bloody Nurse With Wound List for prog rock trainspotters like me. But they obviously had a chat with the Turnbulls of Skidoo fame, who evidently lent them an album of the music of Bali to indulge their zest for making tape loops.
Having said that, if this tape had a couple of Skidoo style funky workouts, it would have wiped the floor with anything the Skidders did......which,frankly isn't saying much.

Update: I just listened to the extended version of Seven Songs and its fucking brilliant...although on a couple of tracks they do sound uncannily like Modern Romance or Haircut 100,but whats wrong with that? ignore that last paragraph,print it out, burn it,eat it, and swallow the evidence......but they (23 Skidoo) went shit rather rapidly after that;going Hip Hop is an unfathomable and unforgivable crime worthy of being indicted by the Hague international court of terrible music, of which i am the self-appointed and only Judge.


Kiss The Cloth
A1 Part 1
A2 Part 2
A3 Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5


Sanchie Boots said...

I’d never listened to 23 Skidoo because I don’t like their name. So fixed that today reading this post and wr actual f, this Seven Songs album is incredible. But I stand by my decision not to listen to them for the lady 40 years, shit name.

Jonny Zchivago said...

That is the only way on how to listen to records in my humble opinion....its gotta have a good band name, cood title, and good cover, or it can fuck right off.
Sadly, 23 Skidoo fails in all three departments.....but good record though. I bought it back in the day because it was very trendy.....another good reason to buy a record for us shallow bastards.
Shame about that Haircut 100 track though....although i thought Haircut 100 were better at it than Orange Juice,they were up their own arses.....a good reason not to buy a record.
However, i did listen to Orange Juice for the first time in 40 years, and thoroughly enjoyed it...the early stuff of course....But Haircut 100 were always good....ask the Pop Group,who's reformed version sound exactly like a pissed off Haircut 100.

chrisbusker said...

Mme too - missed out on the 23 skid marks because of their stupid name - but you're correct, 12 Songs is pretty damn good - put me somewhat in mind of the mighty This Heat

Anonymous said...

"the more repetitve it is the more i like it, i must confess" (John Peel?

anonuymus no. 2