Wednesday 10 February 2021

Various Artists – "Tokyo Flashback 4" (P.S.F. Records – PSFD-69) 1995

This washed out cover is Tokyo Flashback 4.It's 1995 and Boredoms' records were beginning to work their way onto the coffee table,and name-dropped at low level meetings in the bank boardroom.....the Boardoms?...It helped that they had a pronounceable name I guess?
Alan Cummings' notes should suffice as I ain't got nuffink left to say on the matter, except that its the same as the other 7 or so Flashbacks, with a lot of the same people on it....not surprisingly including Keiji Haino......again.Oh yeah, there is an avant garde String Quintet stuck on at the end for those of you with wider taste rainbows.


1 Keiji Haino– Rudra Vina 4:37
2 Broom Dusters– 文学少女 7:56
3 Musica Transonic– Weird 4:14
4 Puka-puka Braians– コドクなギター 今スグ帰る 7:19
5 Onna Kodomo – ふらここ 6:56
6 Shizuka – 世に残す歌 7:18
7 Akiyama-Sugimoto– Hound Dog Blues 6:38
8 High-Rise – Ikon 5:35
9 Kakashi – 裸で踊ろう 5:30
10 Construction – Fade Out 5:45
11 Psychedelic Crazy Horse– あんたがたどこさ~No Wave 7:06
12 Hikyo String Quintet - String Quintet No.1 6:05


pete.m said...

Loving all these Japanese records. Thank you, Jonny.

harm3001 said...

greetings from the dead center of the US and thank you for the sounds