Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Norman Howard – "Signals" (Homeboy Music – Homeboy Music 1) 1989

More unreleased jazz joy from the same sessions in Cleveland in November 1968, come the rest of the "Burn Baby Burn" sessions that spawned the aborted "Burn Baby Burn" album on ESP disk. Again thanks to obscure UK cassette label "Homeboy Music"from back in the days when all homeboys were out crate-digging,looking for those impossible to find Jazz albums for breaks to sample for their Hip-Hop tunes and other dance music atrocities.
Norman's a pretty mean horn player it has to be said...I assume that's him pictured on the insert in a car with some weird shit attached to it.....either that or he was a Cab Driver.....not much money in Free Jazz back then I guess?


1 Soul Brother Genius
2 Burn, Baby, Burn
3 Haunted
4 Bug Out
5 Deep Black Mystery
6 Soul Resurrection


BocaJuniorsCampeon said...


kevinesse said...

OH CRRRAAAAPPPP! I virtually grovel in thanks at your feet,.,.,...I knew you were the only hope. There is a wide world rumor that h. rollins bought all these tapes and then did nothing with them.....much like his life after slip it in.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Pleased to be of service...but yes indeed,please grovel.
Rollins......need I say anything more?....the author shakes his head in all too familiar disappointment.

Anonymous said...

well the stuff is marvelous, so thanxxxx Doctor Zivago, for bringint it uop from obscurity, but waitamminit,
what about being against HENRY THE ONE, after being against Bill Laswell???

I could get dangerous!!!!!!


ps: after slip it in he did nothing in his life?
Movies, boooks, stand up comedy, spoken word, journalism, radio djing, apart, let the ROLLINS BAND speak for itself!!!!