Saturday, 6 February 2021

Various Artists– "Tokyo Flashback 2" ( P.S.F. Records – PSFD-24) 1992

I like how it says 'Incredible,...11 Groups from Tokyo!!!??.....they had that many?
I'm sure the inhabitants of Tokyo already knew they had far more than 11 groups,but as westerners,especially comedy western Rock musicians, famously, can't count beyond 11,its displayed on the English.
In the early 90's,I, for one, had no idea Japan had any pop groups at all, never mind this brand of raw noisy psychedelic fuzz.This is where compilations come into their own,as this series of Jap comps virtually discovered this scene by proxy.Then us western types could claim to be weird by playing their mates some wild Japanese group that they'd never heard of,and go away envious of how on the cusp you were. The aural politics of Envy,or musical socialism in groups are created equal;unless they're on a compilation.


RebelliousJukebox said...

Easily the best in the series.

Sevenpowers said...

Hi Jonny,
Zip file is missing track 8, Kousokuya.
Thanks again for the fantastic uploads :-)
I just got Tokyo Flashback Volume 1 on Black Editions vinyl, they did an excellent job on the release, sound and packaging is really nice.

Anonymous said...

Great listening. But it seems tracks 3 and 8 are missing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

hI ALL, MISSING TRACKS RE-UPPED AS OF ABOUT NOW 13:00 GMT 08/02/2021...apologies are due.

Sevenpowers said...

Many thanks :-)

Seldomskeen said...