Friday, 14 August 2020

Throbbing Gristle ‎– "At Oundle Public School 16th March 1980" ( Industrial Records ‎– IRC 30) 1980


TG's infamous appearence at a posh private school as recorded by TG super roadie,Stan Bingo for posterity.The moment when the 'Wreckers of Civilisation' played dutifully for the designated future leaders of civilisation for Thirty Pieces Of Silver, probably thirty-one pieces to out-do Judas.Then these Toffs could listen to the Gospel of P-Orridge for an hour,so they can say in future, "One may be the Governor of the Bank Of England now,but ooooh Yes, I had my naughty years alright"....well if that was the case you weren't fucking listening.It's not their fault,they have reptilian DNA.Isn't Boris de Pfeffel Johnson's favourite band The Clash? He wasn't listening, no matter how much of a pose The Clash was; and Chris and Cosey weren't even listening to their own music,but I don't think they were too posh,certainly not Cosey anyway,with her awful Hull accent......whoops,just googled it,yes, Chris Carter went to a private school...knew it!....hang on there's more,but slightly less surprising...Genesis P-Megson went to one too!)
No info concerning Sleazy's schooling,but his Papa waza master at Magdalene College, Cambridge prior to receiving a....uhum... knighthood!?......The Wreckers of Civilisation were posh.
Having established that TG were 'Posh', Cosey being the Phil Collins of the group,it would be safe to say that TG's Prog credentials were intact.This stuff is the bastard son of Progressive rock,it's all clear to me now.
The gig was arranged by an Oundle boarder who convinced the hierachy of the John Cage similarities in TG's non-music, called Nigel Jacklin, who happens to be the same Nigel Jacklin of The Alien Brains,a UK DIY super-group with Instant Automatons connections.
Normally I'd bang on about how the Toffs came and stole our music, football and culture; but as TG are basically Prog,I can't say that,'cus Prog is certainly Posh-Boy territory.However by 1980 TG were long past being the former Wreckers of Civilisation,they had become,but regained their place in it.
Despite the odd bunch of our future leaders chanting 'Off,Off,Off' and countering 'Subhuman' with a Last Night of the proms style rendition of 'Jerusalem', TG seemed to go down rather well with the audience of 70 or so teenage boarders and a few school masters.
"Oh Mummy, we had a splendid time.One of those awfully charming Punk Wock gwhoops performed some quaint working class rituals for us.I thwink I taw Tarquin spitting,tewibly exthiting.....I thwink I'm wedy for my place in the board woom now......Yes i've moved on from that anal raping the sports master gave me,tell Pater I'm wedy to Rule"...said six-former Rupert in his monthly phone call home.
One should feel sorry for them really, a damn good bumming is an age old  mind control technique,so these poor traumatised Posh Kids should understand the Burroughsian (another rich boy btw) references.
Sexual abuse is step one in creating a Manchurian Candidate....I suspect that the current government is full of them.Ultimately I Pity us, rather than them,it's 'us' who have to be ruled by a bunch of traumatized Fuck-Ups,and even worse....There is NOTHING we can do about it.Just be satisfied in our captivity,that's what drugs were invented for.

"As it’s Mother’s Day we’d like to dedicate this to all the absent mothers of the young boys here tonight. I’m sure if they were here tonight they’d wonder if it was worth all the money they’re paying."

Genesis P. Orridge attempting to protect his industrial cred introducing the TG set at Oundle, March 16, 1980.


A1 Introduction 1:28
A2 Cornets 4:52
A3 An Old Man Smiled 8:00
A4 Subhuman 4:25
A5 Heathen Earth 8:10
A6 Something Came Over Me 6:46
B1 The World Is A War Film 5:30
B2 England Is A Toilet 1:20
B3 Don't Do What You're Told, Do What You Think 6:47
B4 Wall Of Sound 4:04
B5 Show Us Your Legs 6:06


Hideous Mutant Freak said...

Things that are decades ahead of everything else. The only things that are worthwhile.

lizard Johnny jewel said...

Didn't Cameron claim his favourite song to be "The Eton Rifles"? Not listening, or not understanding, appears to be a theme. Like not understanding "LOL".

I'd feel free to LOL if I weren't a Yank.

Unknown said...

JZ - Your above commentary is priceless!

Mr. P said...

...and the gifts just keep on coming!

Bodhi Amol said...

Here is the CD Version from the TG+ Boxset to compare.This was recorded with binaural microphones using a dummy head, so it must be best to listen via headphones, i suppose...
The CD: