Sunday, 30 August 2020

Jonathan Briley ‎– "From Kain To Abel......." (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 45) 1987

Enter another Sleepchamber member who made better music on his own.
He was the one from the eighties incarnation who looked like a naughty school teacher.
It's all well made standard Dark Ambient Industrial style muzak.Real good as background sounds to a board games evening with a group of special friends.Which is probably why I don't have any friends anymore?
This stuff may get dismissed as american late-comers by those Industrial snobs who "There"... when these things were happening,but its jolly good fun to just absorb the silence by.
Right, now where's me Toast?


A1 Vortex-(Instrumental Remix) 7:51
A2 Heaven's Sounding Sweeter All The Time 5:21
A3 Rize Ov The Carrion 3:02
A4 Dead Virtues 6:45
A5 Sermon Sur La Mort 4:00
A6 Kiss Ov The Whip 2:43
B1 (Untitled) 2:13
B2 To Baudelaire 6:41
B3 Hour Ov The Wolf 4:53
B4 Rituals 4:00
B5 The Last Time We Made Love 7:09
B6 Final Vision 3:50


Giddy On the Ciggy said...

Friends are for twats and children. It is fun to play music to scare off the others.
I like to be alone...with the music.
Sleep Chamber isn't that bad when you have insomnia.

love the lady in the radiator said...

Fun trivia-In heaven everything is fine from Eraserhead is sampled by Haus Arafna and Spectre.
I'll be your friend if you post some Muslimgauze.
Sharing of my Darth Maul Rubik's cube and free reign in the Hall of Archives will be permitted.
Good tea and coffee always on tap with none of that corporate crap.

Jonny Zchivago said...

"Friends are for twats and children"....that would make a good T-Shirt slogan.

Jonny Zchivago said...

plenty of Muslimgauze here my friend