Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Kriminelle Tanzkapelle ‎– "Glückliche Jahre" (klangFarBe ‎– 002) 1985

Another project involving KlangFarBe maestro Herr Bretscheider is the minimal abstract electronica of  Kriminelle Tanzkapelle.Every track is a dark monotonous symphony of foggy oppression that only living somewhere like Karl-Marx-Stadt in cold war DDR could create. This makes the industrial musings of those in the West sound like the spoilt bleatings of ungrateful brats in comparison.
I notice a mention of the late and beyond great Alan Vega on the insert.This stuff is yet another offpring given birth by Frankie of course I exempt Suicide from any accusations of being spoilt brats.
I suppose we all live in our own personal East Germanys in our minds...."we're ALL Frankies, we're All burin' in Hell"(A.Vega 1977)

DOWNLOAD the sound of your own personal communist satellite state HERE!


Kzka said...

Flippin' amazing.

kevinesse said...

man oh man, brother Bretscheider is where it's at! Has he more output? thanks for all the great stuff

Jonny Zchivago said...

Oh yes he has more output...still going today i'm told.
This early stuff of his is definitely where its at daddio.