Wednesday, 9 October 2019

VSP Projekt ‎– "VSP Projekt" (Мелодия ‎– C60 28195 004) 1989

Another proggy projekt featuring Sven Grunberg was Estonian prog rock super group VSP Projekt,which also featured members of other proggy bands from the Soviet Baltic states, such as In Spe, Radar,Ultima Thule,and Ruja.
I hear the unfortunate sound of a fretless bass on here, so you know that they are serious in their objective of making a smoothly conceptualised Jazz Rock Fusion masterpiece.One that Erkki Sven Tüür of 'In Spe' describes as 'Rock music with a sense of distance and even alienation'......thanks for that Sven. I like a bit of alienation,and the six string fretless bass certainly alienated me.
It does have that bleakness that only scandinavian bands,including the Baltic States, can really understand,and it looms large in most of the music that emanates from this suicide rich region.
So join us as '...that lonely spectator of an empty metropolis ,in an endless field of snow',.....I paraphrase mr Tüür once more....he's good isn't he?


Mees Sarvega 4:58
Oktoober, Oktoober 5:17
Tuulepealne 7:03
Mälumäng 5:03
Hilineja 8:41
Kuulaps 2:25


Anonymous said...

Your comments about the records are priceless. ThaNKS FOR ALL the work you do.

northfieldhat said...

And you are so right about fretless bass. I used to like it. I really enjoyed Fernando Saunders playing with Lou Reed at the time. I think it's because Lou didn't understand his own music and played it like just regular rock songs. With a regular good drummer (Fred Maher), playing straight ahead (let's hit that hi-hat on every beat) it's just unspecial, and the fretless gyrations added something new to the landscape. At the time.
I still like Eberhard Weber, but NOBODY else. Get a P-bass, a Jazz bass or a Rick. Development should have ended there.

Anonymous said...

"Estonian prog rock super group" -- a phrase never before written (or since)! So thanks for that (and everything else) JZ.

--Johnny Canuck