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Zigmar Liepinš ‎– "Пульс 2 = Pulse 2" (Мелодия ‎– C60 23479 004) 1985

The second edition in the 'Sport and Music' series of electro-pop records released in the CCCP by Melodiya in 1985.
This one is by Latvian keyboardist Zigmar Liepins,better known as a member of jazzy combo Modo.
You could have played this on your Soviet equivalent of a Walkman as you exercised,but Communist 'tech' wasn't big on miniturisation.You would have needed a ruck sack to carry it around in;good for building up stamina,but terrible for your back.As everyone was either in, going in, or been in, the Red Army, this was nothing more than a mild inconvenience
Get Pulse 1 Here! and Pulse 3 Here!

Sleeve notes:
"This disc is issued in a series jointly prepared by the "Melodiya" firm and the USSR Sports Committee and may be recommended to accompany sports coaching sessions, competitions and other active recreations."


A1 Танец-85 (Dance-85) 4:00
A2 Челнок (Shuttle) 1:43
A3 Виктория (Victoria) 4:15
A4 Возрождение (Rebirth) 3:06
B1 ...Опус IV (...Opus IV) 4:10
B2 Видение (Vision) 3:50
B3 Твердый Орешек (Hard Nut To Crack) 4:44

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