Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Arsenal / Арсенал ‎– "Пульс 3 = Pulse 3" (Мелодия ‎– С60 23883 009) 1986

Arsenal,no not the Football team from North London, the Proggy Jazz Fusion combo from the Soviet Union, were, by 1986, considered 'professionals',so were offered/ordered, by the Sports Ministry, to do the third "Sport and Music" disc in a modern electronic stylee for the peoples to exercise to;a commie version of 'Strength Through Joy' one assumes?
Arsenal do a splendid job at making half an hour of synth pop instrumentals to exercise to,which is in stark contrast to their original style of the experimental progressive Jazz Rock fusion of their youth in the early seventies.Electropantomime they call it?
As it says informatively on the cover:

"The Music recorded on this disc reflects only one side of the "Arsenal"'s activity in trying out new rythms, forms. orchestral devices, instruments. Venturing into new styles and genres the ensemble keeps its image fresh and develops modern intrumental trends. Most of the pieces presented here are performed in the second part of the ensemble´s concert and are linked with the visual effects of the stage production, costumes, plastic movement. The pulsating motions performed by the ensemble members to electronic music are called "electropantomime".

Already issued in the "Sport & Music" Series are:
Various - Ритмическая Гимнастика (Aerobic Exercises) C60 21591 005
А. Родионов / Б. Тихомиров - Пульс 1. Музыкальный Компьютер C60 23379 009
Zigmar Liepinš - Пульс 2 = Pulse 2 C60 23479 004


A1 Эстафета = Relay Race 4:08
A2 Рондо = Rondo 4:32
A3 Праздник = Festival 2:12
A4 Пульс Улицы = Street Pulse 3:28
B1 Фоторобот = Photorobot 3:20
B2 Былина = Folk Epic Tale 5:20
B3 Манипулятор = Manipulator 2:41
B4 Электронная Шарманка = Electronic Organ 2:41


Robert said...

Hi Jonny! I've been quite enjoying these, but have to let you know that this link isn't working.

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Jonny Zchivago said...

In my opinion,Robert, you're fixed.

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Link is not availabele.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes it is, just try more than once and you will be let through!