Monday, 7 October 2019

Sven Grünberg / Свен Грюнберг ‎– "Hingus / Дыхание" (Мелодия ‎– С90-16301-2) 1981

Luckily, Soviet Estonian prog legend, Sven Grünberg, formerly of commie prog band 'Mess', got to muck about with the Melodia, in house, EMS Synthi 100 too. The results of which can be heard on this Electronic Cosmic classic. Its like drifting in space waiting for your oxygen to run out after a malfunctioning computer had jettisoned you from the air-lock into the eternal something.
Fittingly its called 'Breath',so it can't be bad,unless its your last one on the million year journey towards the Black Hole at the centre of our Galaxy.



A1 Hingus I (Breath)
A2 Hingus II (Breath)
A3 Hingus III (Breath)
A4 Hingus IV (Breath)
B1 Teekond (Journey)
B2 Valgusois (Flower Of LIght)


Steve said...

Hingus is an all time fave of mine-that Mess was a pleasant, albeit unknown surprise. Thanks JZ!

Anonymous said...

I didn't knew....
Bought it for mere cents in the '80es in Cezkoslovakia or Hungary....
So Melodia was distributing all around the Communist bloc, while alternative types there were still looking for western records and ignoring this pearl....


Jonny Zchivago said...

One learns something everyday lilith.
It didn't cost me cents,something like £8,but we did have a shop (Ultima Thule) in our town who had all the Melodia stuff in stock.Most of it was bought for a laugh,but you could tell from the covers which ones were good.I do remember buying the official Czech Soul group,called Flamingo,and their album called "This Is Our Soul" ...not kidding....for 50p....what a laff that one was. I even got a Polish Folk album from the bargain bin there for Zero pence....i probably overpaid for that one actually!
In fact most of the good Soviet stuff was indeed Estonian in origin.