Sunday, 6 October 2019

Edward Artemiev / Э. Артемьев ‎– "Moods / Картины-Настроения" (Мелодия ‎– С10 21077 002) 1984

Moving on from soundtracks for communist cheating at sports.I promised more of the Neo-Classical electronica,of Eduard Artemiev.So here's Eddie treating us to the shorter side of his composition spectrum, with epic tracks combining synthesisers and real instruments, plus more chilled out ambient affairs.Rather like a doomier Klaus Schultz or Tangerine Dream, these are from his soundtrack work for Soviet cinema,and works like a more traditional album with more light and shade for those with short attention spans,like Communist Party Officials or American Presidents.

From the music to the films:
«Сибириада» [Sibiriada] (A1, A4, A6, B1),
«Куда уходят киты» [Where The Whales Are Gone] (A2),
«Лунная радуга» [Moon Rainbow] (A3, A7),
«Ночь рождения» [Night Of Birth] (A5),
«Инспектор Гулл» [Inspector Gull] (B2),
«Жаркое лето в Кабуле» [Hot Summer In Kabul] (B3, B4),
«Охота на лис» [Hunting The Foxes] (B5)
«Загадки перуанских индейцев» [Mystery Of The Peru Indians] (B6)

Tracklisting :

1. Fire
2. Constellation Of Past Times
3. Training Ground
4. Native Shores
5. Lullaby
6. Reminiscences
7. City
8. Crusade
9. Dream
10. Hot Summer
11. Meditation
12. Hunting
13. Top Of The World

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A great album, thank you