Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Arsenal / Арсенал ‎– "Джаз-Рок Ансамбль Арсенал / Jazz Rock Ensemble" (Мелодия ‎– С 60—12209-10) 1979

Indeed, Arsenal, the Soviet Jazz Fusion combo NOT the fucking Footy many times????
...well...Arsenal weren't always a electronic synth pop trio like on "Pulse 3", since 1973 they were an experimental Jazz Rock collective,releasing an album of such stuff on state label Melodija six years after their inception.It took time to be accepted as proper musicians in the USSR,as only 'Professionals' were allowed to release proper records. Once that rubber stamp was applied to your papers the first place of call was Melodija HQ, and you were away.
One thing Melodija records really liked was if musicians from any of the republics did a 'Superior' version of the decadant rubbish that was being turned out in the west. Just the idea of a Russian Jazz Rock combo had the KGB instantly moist....."Da, vee have ser Jazz Rock Kombo,unt sey are better zan your Jazz Rock Kombo's too!!!"...apologies for the terrible Russian accent,not easy to transcribe into gibberish, but i do try.
Its actually rather fucking good,and reminds one of those Blaxsploitation (Redsploitation?) soundtracks,like Roy Ayers"Coffy" (Vodka?),but with extra kerosene and played by some Siberian alcoholics with 'wet Brain' high on Vodka and aviation fuel.
I'm sure Arsenal were very sober, but I had to get an imbiber of high octane clear fluids reference in hadn't I?
As the bloke in Boney M said at the end of world wide mega hit "Rasputin",...."Ooooooooh! Those Russsssiaaaans!"...i'll now finish as I started.....Indeeeed. 


1. Опасная игра (A Dangerous Game)
2. Дерево (A Tree)
3. Сюита ля бемоль мажор (Suite in A Flat Major)
4. Башня из слоновой кости (An Ivory Tower)
5. Генезис (Genesis)
6. Рэгтайм (Ragtime)

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