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Various Artists ‎– "Power Electronics" (Tellus #13) 1986

From the same magazine as “All Guitars” we have the Tellus #13 compilation,and the theme is “Power Electronics”. An Industrial sub-genre that, unfortunately, Americans were spectacularly shit at. Most of this tape can just about fit in the Old School Industrial bracket,which by 1986 was pretty old hat. Either that or its just plain old experimental soundscape’s. Cassette culture never really established itself in the USA until '86,and highlights the difficulties of that country to advance artistically due to the isolation of the various inspired communities across that great vast landscape landscape that sadly suggests Country music rather than Power Electronics. Even though the prototype of Punk first started gestating in downtown New York, it needed to be imported into Washington DC,and Los Angeles from the UK,and the rest of America from MTV. The same happened with Industrial Music,although that was almost completely 100% British; the second Industrial Revolution if you will? This of course causes a time delay of around 6 or 7 years,and explains why Americans still prefer just to 'Rock Out',as they like to scream from time to time.

Merzbow is about the only genuine Power Electronic track on here, and he's Japanese. Controlled Bleeding is sort of battery Powered electronics Lite, Rhys Chatham isn't even in the Industrial camp at all,and Joseph Nechvatal, is intellectualised Plunderphonia!....check his other tapes here!


A1 Maybe Mental Look At The Clown 3:50
A2 Merzbow Gamma-Titan 6:05
A3 Amor Fati Will To Live 3:40
A4 If, Bwana Umm... 2:35
A5 Rhys Chatham Excerpt From XS 2:20
A6 Psyclones Excerpt From Between Space 5:00
A7 Blackhouse One Nation Under God 3:00
A8 Joseph Nechvatal How To Kill 0:50
A9 Master/Slave Relationship The Heaviest 3:30
B1 Maybe Mental Memories Of My Birth 4:37
B2 Architects Office AD 301.5 1:00
B3 Controlled Bleeding Clotage 5:15
B4 Mojo (3) The Fighters Distance (Excerpt) 2:40
B5 Coup De Grace Your Children 2:40
B6 Le Syndicat Putrefied Brain (Excerpt) 2:10
B7 Mitch Corber The Sirens 4:50
B8 F/i On Off 9:30

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Anonymous said...

Thank you; what a nice memory. I found this in an art gallery/record/book shop when I was in high school, on a field trip to washington DC, when I wandered away from the big art museums. Some silly, some enjoyably foreboding. The Coup de Grace may be derivative, but still nice to hear.

Tim space debris said...

I quite like this tape as mentioned here on me blog a while ago

RickK said...

what happened to dog as master? did hal mcgee complain? I knew hal mcgee in the 80s and while he was a really nice guy, I don't know if Ive ever known a more tightly wound human being in my life.

badgerstump said...

Well, i was gonna waffle on about the changing shape of pigeonholes and such...

Great tape (and always good to have a Merzbow track I don't have) but Power Electronics? nah

Anyway, shortly there will be the If, Bwana / Dog As Master‎ - Untranslatable tape released on Cause And Effect in 1986.

badgerstump said...


Jonny Zchivago said...
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J.H.M. said...

I find it funny how several of the artists here were perfectly capable of producing some hellacious noise, but most of the tracks here are surprisingly tame. I mean, the Controlled Bleeding track is fun and loud and reasonably fitting, but it's nowhere near as nasty or evil as the stuff from the Knees and Bones sessions not two years prior. Now, Merzbow's track is spot on, but 1985 was nowhere near his peak brainfuck year; Le Syndicat have Whitehouse's synth style down but are fairly restrained here; and Blackhouse (like CB) are nowhere near as brutal here as on their full-length efforts. It's really disappointing!

Kenny said...

Funny thing. As you were capturing the tape's audio, you also captured your Mac's system sounds. Listen to track A3, after just 9 seconds in, you'll hear the sound of "Move to Trash", followed by "Done Ripping CD". I heard the trash sound a bunch of times in 2, and I thought, that sounds familiar - of course, it's Merzbow, so I thought it was part of the song (or "song") ! I have only listened to up to track 3, so I don't know how far it goes.

Jonny Zchivago said...

yeah sorry Kenny, I've done this on a few rips now. I have now learned to leave my computers alone when ripping. Sometimes it fits, other times its just horrible.But i can never face re-doing them again. I'll admit to editing the offending system noises out....see if you spot these edits as some kinda challenge whenever you're reeeeaaaaaalllyyy bored.

Hal McGee said...

Jonny, you must not have been paying attention when I asked you to remove my Dog As Master stuff from your blog. That includes Google Plus files and Mediafire. Whether anyone's heard of me or whether you like my stuff or not or whether I actually want to actually sell them or not is beside the point. I am offering all of my recordings on Bandcamp. I want people to hear my music through me. Hope that makes sense. Show some common respect and decency.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Fair enough Hal. I forgot i put the links up in the comments section.Dunno about common decency,but respect is due.