Thursday 2 January 2014

Controlled Bleeding ‎– "Untitled" (Le Syndicat ‎– 09) 1984

 (Originally Posted in September 2013)
To mark the 74th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, one thought it fitting to have an Industrial post with no Nazi references at all, you'll all be relieved to know. Its also a fitting reference to the stumbling attempts of the New World Order powers, to frame up,and further destabilize the Syrian Regime (with another new Riechstag Fire). To stealthily invade and control another middle eastern state. So,here's another US Industrial band from Boston, Controlled Bleeding.  The words US Industrial usually means a limp wristed imitation of UK/ European Industrial, a bit like real life in fact. But, one must say that Controlled Bleeding buck this trend spectacularly, 'cus this cassette is fantastic. A swirling vortex of mangled up sound and tortured voices, not unlike listening to the BBC world service in the glorious DDR during the cold war, with the Stasi's soviet provided Signal jamming devices blocking out the western propaganda. A few examples of this classic signal jamming sound can be found on the beyond excellent  Conet Project: recordings of Numbers Stations download.
Track Listing:

A1 Untitled 20:07
A2 Untitled 5:23
A3 Untitled 2:56
A4 Untitled 5:28
A5 Untitled 6:37
A6 Untitled 6:48
B1 Untitled 3:02
B2 Untitled 2:35
B3 Untitled 17:38
B4 Untitled 10:56
B5 Untitled 2:29
B6 Untitled 9:10
B7 Untitled 1:26

DOWNLOAD and bleed HERE!


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