Friday, 3 October 2014

NON / Boyd Rice ‎– "Live & 'Pagan Musick' " (Extreme ‎– DEX 4616) 1984

Great live tape from one of "Industrial's" early innovators Boyd Rice,aka NON. Leaning more to the Avant Garde side of the genre, these are noise experiments that challenge the very definition of music, replacing musical scales and melody with minimal repetitive cyclical noise loops. This creates an aural sculpture of some overworked pointless machine churning out endless amounts of consumer shit like Remington Fuzz-aways or Ronco Buttoneers. Sucking in the air, trees oceans and earth at the other end to feed this meaningless production,and spewing out 90% of it as toxic waste, and the other 10% as an unlimited amount of K-Tel Veg-o-matic's and Ronco Flower Looms......and I should know because I'm Victor Kiam,either that or Jesus Christ?
Side B is Boyd Rice doing a DJ set rendition of the "Pagan Musick" ep, at various speeds, and offset centre hole placements. This is the kind of Disco that I could probably dance at? Then we get the Disco mix,or Non-Disco mix, with a slow squelchy cough and snare beat. Its sort of a snail pace version of the Illuminati supplied House muzak that finally finished off youth culture and rebellion for good a few years after this performance.
The power of sound stripped down to the bare bones,we are powerless to resist its message.


A Live In London 1984
B1 Pagan Musick
B2 NON-Disco-Mix

NON-DOWNLOAD this non-disco HERE!
NON-DOWNLOADable mediafire disco HERE!


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