Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Colin Newman ‎– "A-Z" (Beggars Banquet ‎– BEGA 20) 1980

I know we're straying off the true DIY path somewhat,but I feel obliged to push forward the three Colin Newman solo efforts. Wire were incredibly influential figures for the disenfranchised young person who wanted to make interesting music,and the only way was to do it themselves!

Newman was the working class member of the group,and always the most 'Pop' orientated among his art school buddies in Wire. This is evident on his inaugural LP, “A-Z”, which is basically ,Wire, without the background sonic footprint of the lads from Dome.

I first heard this album via one of those in-house BBC video's on the Old Grey Whistle Test, for the track “B”. I assumed that all the song titles would be letters from A to Z, but was disappointed to find that “B” was the sole appearance of the alphabet on the whole record. The songs however were as inventive and memorable as anything on “154”, with “B” being one of the weakest. Here hide the melodies that were missing from Gilbert and Lewis' numerous releases in 1980,something you can tap your foot to,and hum along after it stops playing. Is that such a bad thing? It's certainly more difficult to create than endless drones and formless ambient Industrial workouts. Colin Newman was undoubtedly the craftsman of the group, and its proven on this and his third effort “Not To”. Arty pop that a larger common denominator can find something to cling onto. Better still, merge this with a Dome record,and you've got perfect Avant-Pop; aka Wire.


I've Waited Ages
& Jury
Order For Order
Life On Deck
S-S-S-Star Eyes
Seconds To Last
But No


ROOKSBY said...

That "B" video is ridiculous! :)

Bodhi Amol said...

Thanks for your description,pointing out the different sensibilities in the fabulous Wire workshop.And as to the B video - Looks like i should check it,haven't seen it yet!

Steffen said...

Thank you.

Cj TheFIsh said...

thank u