Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pseudo Code - "Potlatch Music Vol. 1" - ( Insane Music) 1980

Was there ever a genre called Minimal Wave Dark Industrial Rap?......;If not, then this is it. The "rapper" sounds like a hybrid of Mark E. Smith and Genesis P. Orridge, or anybody else with a middle initial in their stage persona.
It scores a healthy 6 on the Industrial cliché scale for the image of Auschwitz on the front, but this is rap music for miserable young men with long black overcoats and longer black fringes. A genre defining tape if ever there was one!
Having said that the whole of side B is probably in the  Ambient Dark Industrial Rap sphere of influence; consisting entirely of a field recording of the "outside" world (by Alain Neffe), a sound of silence type experiment of the ambient noise of a city.A lost opportunity to have P Diddy lay some of his deep poetry on whitey!?....Maybe next time eh?

Track Listing:

Steps On Pavement 2:04
Last Security (I'm So Clumsy) I 2:40
Nova Pattern 3:45
Last Security (I'm So Clumsy) II 4:20
Sequence 15 3:57
(Something in Arabic) 3:03
Flesh Shop 6:47
Twilight Ode 3:55
Surrounding 1 (07h / 07h30 Street) Recording A.N. 31:01

DOWNLOAD some industrial rap HERE!

DOWNLOAD some mega.co.nz industrial rap HERE!


J.H.M. said...

That tongue-in-cheek genre descriptor is actually not too far from what Death Grips' NO LOVE DEEP WEB album sounds like, although it's a bit more like a cross between early Public Enemy and Whitehouse circa Erector—pummelling, irregular white-noise beats and half-screamed stream-of-consciousness vocal splatter about being tortured in abandoned buildings and gouging out your eyes while on DMT. Good stuff.

Clipping are even noisier and more out there beat-wise, to near Merzbow levels on some tracks, but the rap style on display is way more straightforward. Ditto the late lamented Dälek, who collaborated with Faust, sampled "Diet of Worms" and made sidelong spoken word and found sound collages, but were relatively subdued vocally most of the time.

...I listen to a lot of music.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Personally, can't stand most rap music,the culture,the sports cloths....,ok all rap music! But i did like Dalek,thanks to the faust connection.Although I suppose The Fall is a kind of authentic White Rap,and I like them/him.
I'm attracted to the description of Death Grip. I'll give it a go....but I had better like it!

Anonymous said...

Here is the Death Grips video and audio page with direct downloads of most releases.