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Nocturnal Emissions ‎– "Live At Ritzy Brixton 9 June 1983" (Cause For Concern ‎– CFC 026) 1983

On the night of Thatcher's 1983 re-election, after the ludicrous Falklands Conflict;Industrial utility players, Nocturnal Emissions appeared at the Ritzy in Brixton to commiserate with the like-minded masses of the apolitical majority. A slow decent into greed and the erosion of hard fought for freedoms began here; now accelerating beyond belief.

The tape appears to be split into a live side and a studio side,although there’s no mention of this anywhere on the insert. Side A has the Brixton gig, and the B-side seems to have 13 short but doomy instrumental pieces, which seem to capture nicely the depressing atmosphere of The Iron Lady's tightened grip on power. The concert is an expression of malevolent anger at the direction that 40% of the British public had 'chosen'; democracy in action? Thirty years of mealy mouthed unbridled capitalism followed,with frequent military “interventions”, profiteering and fear-mongering. Leaving the planet in the tense and vulnerable state it is in today. Susceptible to emergency measures for our own 'security',and sinister nonsense such as puppet minister Cameron wanting to opt out of the Convention for Human Rights on the grounds that it was outdated and set up to avoid Dictatorships after world war two. This is the very reason we need it in place to stop the inevitable creep to the dictatorship with no visible dictator that we will have in the near future, if not already had for 30 years! Think this is paranoid nonsense? Then why has the UK government ignored the EU directive to stop databasing all e-mails and phone calls,and in fact rushed through legislation to even increase the snooping powers on its own people!Not to mention our pals in the NSA doing it as well!......oh yes....of course,its for our security isn't it.I forgot, its those masses of Jihadists that are slaughtering everyone in the west that are to blame. (Whoops! I typed a keyword to trigger NSA fact I'll do it again.....Jihad......Bomb....9/11 denial...Michael Moore...etc)

Nocturnal Emissions music is the perfect doom laden ,cloudy soundtrack to this fraudulent conspiracy fact.But,according to government representatives, conspiracies have never existed before, have they? We've only had Christianity,Islam,the CIA, Mossad, the Rothschild financed Nazi Holocaust , The Soviet Union,and the biggest conspiracy of all, the Banking and Money system,among many others.

The music of conspiracy FACT!

Track Listing:

A1 Meaning Of Life

A2 Bad Evening

A3 Smash With Love Chant

A4 Sinking The Belgrano

A5 Smash With Love

A6 State Terror

B1 Seven Shades Of Shit

B2 Squat The Land

B3 Bite Them Back

B4 Cute Toy Beagle

B5 Untitled

B6 Untitled

B7 Untitled
B8 Untitled
B9 Untitled
B10 Untitled
B11 Untitled
B12 Untitled
B13 Untitled

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Mark L. said...

Hi, figured I'd comment here since its about NZ stuff, but wondering if you have (and would consider a post for) This Sporting Life - "Welcome To The Bellrope" LP / "In Limbo" 12" (82-83 Flying Nun) or Miltown Stowaways "Tension Melee" + 3.12"s (83 Unsung/Propeller/Hit).. Also looking for the Techtones "TT23" LP on Ripper, but I know that one isn't really in your wheelhouse.. Cheers, Mark