Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Colin Newman ‎– "Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish" (4AD ‎– CAD 108) 1981

Colin Newman's attempt at an experimental album turned out to be like his first solo album, but without any vocals!? This would be ok if the music could stand up on its own merit,but it's nothing more than backing tracks for tunes that were never written! He must have had a tape full of demo's that never got finished,and thought that rather than write a new album he'd use these for the second solo record instead. A easier way to compete with the prolific production rate of his former colleagues. He does a Mike Oldfield and plays all the instruments himself,as all the band on “A-Z” had been sacked off,luckily, for us, to return for the next record.

A kind of post-punk elevator music,that is ultimately......very boring? It has a certain period charm,but Colin should have stuck to what he does best; slightly experimental pop songs.


Fish 1 2:31
Fish 2 1:49
Fish 3 3:04
Fish 4 4:58
Fish 5 4:05
Fish 6 2:17
Fish 7 2:30
Fish 8 4:07
Fish 9 3:45
Fish 10 3:01
Fish 11 1:58
Fish 12 3:34



JohnM said...

I'm puzzled - the zip contains 13 tracks: two copies of Fish 3, none of Fish 10 and a Reprise that I can't locate on Discogs.

I guessing that the track titles got muddled and that Fish 11=10, 12=11 and reprise=12. And that I can throw away the duplicate Fish 3. Is this right?

Jonny Zchivago said...

No idea.....i'll look into it.

JohnM said...

Thanks. And thanks for posting.