Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Various Artists - "Earcom 1" (Fast product 9a) 1979

The must have compilation of 1979 was EARCOM 1 - which was famous for including the quintessential DIY band, The Prats. A bunch of four high school friends: Paul McLaughlin, David Maguire, Greg Maguire, and Tom Robinson(not the gay one). While their instruments were basic - including a cardboard drum kit - they were able to quickly produce a demo which they sent to a local indie label Fast Product, and in the anything can happen atmosphere of the age, they ended up on this record. Subsequently they got to do a couple of peels sessions, but adolescence ruined them and they split in 1981.
The Prats are covered in more detail earlier in this blog,with their full recorded activities for download (Click Here!)
Love the Blank Students,and their singers 'I'm a thick and I don't give a fuck' delivery  .The Flowers were pretty good too, but probably too competent as musicians I wager.
New Wave mega-stars The Rezillo's make a guest appearance, probably unknown to Sire Records which is why they aren't credited; oh the rebelliousness of it all?
Pretty much everything on here is fantastic, a classic.


A1 - Prats - Prats 2
A2 - Blank Students - Fun At The Fair
A3 - Graph - Drowning
A4 - Blank Students - Background Music
B1 - Prats - Inverness
B2 - Prats - Bored
B3 - Flowers - Criminal Waste
B4 - Flowers - After Dark
B5 - Guest Item - (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures

DOWNLOAD this first ear communication HERE!


Devyn Smith said...

The Prats? Oh my fucking god. Inverness? Jesus fuck. And they're 12-15? This is really fucking with me. Inverness is like one of the best songs I've ever goddamn heard.

Jonny Zchivago said...

OMFG,should be the new acronym that teenagers should text each other with.
And ,of course "Inverness" is one of the greatest ever songs,....ever!
I've been to Inverness, and I have to say, it was, quite nice really.
I suppose it rhymes with mess,thats why?

Devyn Smith said...

http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/OMFG come on now Jonny of course teenagers text each other with that. I'll be honest I was that close to typing it myself but wanted to avoid anyone puking up slightly in their mouth at the mere site of it.... INVERNESSSSS! INVERNESSSSS!

Jonny Zchivago said...

OMFG i'm so out of touch......thank FUCK!

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