Tuesday, 2 November 2021

Blah! Blah! Blah! repost for Cop Out 26 - A rant (2021)

Oh Brilliant! It's Cop 26.....We're Saved!!!! What a relief.
So to celebrate our saviors, the very same political fuckwits that helped us get into this fuck-up by promoting exponential economic growth as a really good Idea.......But it's unsustainable said the wise old man, as he was laughed out of the room and soundly beaten by an army of Rednecks chanting "U.S.A" off their tits on ice-cold intravenous Budweiser piped direct from the CIA's very own brewery.
So to give three cheers for our admirable leaders,well the ones who turned up, here's a re-post of an album by Brit-bedroon electro-pioneers Blah Blah Blah.....a phrase hi-jacked by Greta Thunberg to predict the content of this COP 26 last chance saloon attempt at saving our lovely life preserving eco-system......COP-OUT 26 as I prefer to call it.
But as Greta knows, we fully deserve what's coming to us all,so get used to more Blah Blah Blah,and soon it will become Blah Blah urggh!

So,before the Rant begins,heres some irrelevant blurb about today's free,almost totally 'green' record for you to download, without adding any gasses to the ionosphere,unless you're farting like a milk cow?......green-oneupmanship time....tell us what you're doing to help.You can start by Stopping buying records, unless they're second hand;especially don't buy over-packaged over-priced over-rated mail-order music from carbon footprint criminals, like my best friend at Vinyl On Demand for a juicy example.......i can hear him now,moaning,but that's theft,money for the artists...Blah Blah Blah......fuck off.
Console yourself by recycling old vinyl instead of the trendy new 180 gram pressings,or getting endless digital copy's from the good guy side of the Green wall,here in nuclear powered France. Yes Die Or DIY? are green.....but no-bodies perfect,i eat the odd bacon sandwich,drink milk in my cups of tea,fart,and drive a diesel car!
Like everyone else I need to be made to do stuff.But I'm trying at least?
So about this record...briefly:

"Blah Blah Blah, the genius's that created the “In The Army”(mp3) single on Absurd records. Even the B-side was rather marvellous, the Imperious “Why Diddle?”. If only they had an album of this earth moving greatness?......well they did.....an eponymously titled collection from 1981.....but, nothing earth moving about this collection of farting about in the bedroom nonsense. Maybe bowel moving is more appropriate for this rather annoyingly unfunny mess."

That's what I wrote originally (Here!)...and it seems to fit in with the general consensus in regard to COP OUT 26 or wot?
If you like the first Blah Blah Blah LP, then there was a second, belive it or not...which you can get HERE!...which is also called, rather confusingly, "Blah Blah Blah".

And Now......


Yes Friends.....we're all basically related, so can i call you family?.....No?...that's fine with me. As long as I'm the last man alive on the last square foot of fertile soil on a scorched planet,with a mini-bar full of strong continental lager and Gin, then you can all go fuck yerselves.As long as I live one nano-second longer than you I'll die happily.
Then the UPS robo-delivery van finally delivers my Electric Car....How Ironic?
Crowds of Robots and AI units gather at my graveside to celebrate Victory; The UPS Robot has saved some human piss to release on the small patch of hot soil where my corpse starts to decay.The last biological human.
Spare parts are harvested for study, to be replicated without the vulnerable fleshy parts,or the illogical brain.All hail the Cyborg, our inevitable future!Evolution has ruled that Emotions are in fact weakness after all.

Burning down the house to keep ourselves warm seemed like a good idea didn't it? Burning the planet,which, to our knowledge is the only one like it in the known universe, to keep ourselves overweight,and fully stocked with cheapo Chinese made crap,is an even better Idea?
India and China have promised,with fingers crossed behind their collective backs,to cut emissions to net Zero for just about the time that we're all dead.Killed by famine,smashed by tornado's,shot in riots as order breaks down,or incinerated by wild fires.Expecting the so-called 'Developed' countries to shoulder the burden and the guilt.Remember,these are two countries with Space Programs,and one of them is the second largest economy in the world!?
Those same two countries are responsible for providing our vastly over-crowded galactic oasis with a couple of billion of potential consumers,and that it is official governmental policy to raise their standard of living to that of the USA. Two Billion extra Fridges,TV's, petrol powered Cars, and ten coal fired power stations a week to power it all.
There's 'too many fucking Humans' to quote the insightful poetry of US noise rockers No Trend.
To give the Chinese some credit,they are at least working on reducing the population by committing Genocide against the Uyghur's and other Muslim types.
The sad fact is that even a massive war wouldn't reduce the population enough. 50 million copped it (see what i did?) in world war two,which was almost as if no-one had died at all.Nuclear annihilation wouldn't help either,as the Nuclear winter would destroy the the so-called winners. A lethal pandemic.....ie, NOT the current co-vid joke, is too difficult to manage,and would also lead to total annihilation....so we need a long term policy of sterilization.
Then we have the problem as to WHO we sterilize....normally it's the poor, 'cus there's more of those losers. I would enthusiastically start with anyone earning over 100,000 Dollars per annum,sequestrate their wealth to invest in green energy,like covering the Sahara desert with photo-voltaic cells,and building an enormous Nuclear power plant on the now deserted,and illegal town of Las Vegas.
Democracy is usually an immovable barrier to Green Policies, but as there are more poor than Rich, i think there's a fighting chance that the Proletariat would vote for the culling of the Rich in return for Solar and Nuclear powered Plasma screen Televisions.
Basically, the most effective way of cutting global emissions is the time honored crowd control tactic of extreme Poverty;which will also enable the populous to enthusiastically vote away their human rights.
Basically, no-one's gonna give up their Cars,Fridges,and Beefburgers ,unless they are made to.... at gunpoint.
Human beings are notorious masters at Short-Termism ,and nothing's gonna change by asking the mother fuckers politely to do anything that would benefit the generation that follows.Fuck them.
From what I've seen of the next generation, they are as full of shit as us Boomers are. Greta Thunberg is probably a CIA Hologram, 'cus the piles of coke bottles,MacDonalds salad cartons and worse, that are left behind as they are fucking each other,smoking weed behind the bicycle sheds is a sobering sight indeed.We need a new mind control super drug to make trendy,Son of 'E'.....but this time for inhabitants of the Metaverse rather than idiot dancing to the marching beat in disused factorys near Hemel Hempsted.
Maybe the Metaverse can provide an illusion for us all that everything's alright,so we can live normally until even the Zukerburg succumbs to dreadful reality....but, then again, he would have already been executed as a very well-qualified rich person.
The culling is coming,backed up by extreme poverty,backed up by the Meta-illusion that all this desperate nonsense is working.Then we all die.
Who says Heaven isn't man-made?

See you all in the Metaverse.I feel safe already.


Bambi said...

China's one-child policy only officially ended in 2015. According to its government, 400 million births were prevented during those 35 years. Fuck knows where we'd be without that cruel policy.

Unfortunately back in the days when we may have been able to do something to prevent the inevitable, the powers that be, and most of the public were enjoying buying all the cheap crap that now litters our planet, and governments gave tax breaks to their mates selling it.

JG Bennett was warning about the treats to Bangladesh and other low lying countries in the 60's - but he looked like an old hippy so who's gonna listen to him.

Ooops, now you've got ME ranting!
I'm proud to have not bought anything from Amazon for 7 years. And before that it was a Be-bop Deluxe CD with a Amazon gift card I was given - no-bodys perfect.

Fieldhippie said...

Your sentiments are somewhat reflected by the words of that great poet, Buddy Holly, when he said "well, alright, well alright"!

rev.b said...

Thanks for the rant., I kind of needed it. The hand-wringing at the umpteenth climate summit, preceded by the latest G(reed) 20 meeting of the perpetrators has left me feeling despondent over the state of the planet, the intentions of the parasitic bipeds that control it and the inescapable conclusion the lack of will to change fuck-all about it will lead to an all too obvious fate. Not that it’s a particularly new revelation, just reinforced yet again. I imagine zuck’s new ‘metaverse’ will be the final opiate to soothe all into acceptance of a perhaps well deserved demise. Blah blah blah indeed.

Yer Mama said...

High Priestess Greta of the almighty F4F sect endorse this post, highly.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The lack of giving a shit statements in the comments seems to back up the verbal diarrhea somewhat.
You're all invited to the party at the end of civilization as we know it, the planet will go on of course.....bring your favourite dancin' tchoons.
I like the idea of dancin' to Rock Lobster as a crack opens up in the ground and swallows me whole,erupting in a lethal firework display of cascading lava....Didn't the B52's do a tchoon call 'Lava' as well!?..those crazy kids!

Anonymous said...

Overpopulation scares are imperialist pseudoscience.

Jonny Zchivago said...

As is Overpopulation Denial you pseudononymous part of the problem.

rev.b said...


Goiters said...

I didn't read a single word of whatever this post was going on (and on.....and on.....) about. All I know is their track in the Some Bizzare album was boss.

This is your observer, running out of fucks....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Goiters.....don't feel special, it's what I expected. Enjoy these last daysby playing some 'boss' music as we burn.
Who say's Boss these days?....you must be scouse? Which explains a lot.

Goiters said...

Nowt scouse, guv. Sometimes it's just a good word to use.

Also, I said in when I meant on.

What do you call a knock out punch from Eve Plumb? A Jan deck.