Saturday, 2 May 2020

Suzanne Ciani ‎– "Voices Of Packaged Souls" (Liquid Sound Records ‎– 001) 1970

Married to her massive Buchla synth, as made by Don Buchla,allegedly one of the founding fathers of Electronic music, Ciani spent her time at the University of California in the late sixties, exclusively making electronic compositions, one of which was "Voices Of Packaged Souls". How she got exclusive access to Don's synth is open to conjecture.Let's just say, she weren't bad looking.
This is almost sound poetry in effect, with a smattering of free form early electronic compostition,i.e.,lots of weird noises,with a bloke talking over the top in two different languages.
Its very good.Sadly she went a bit new age after this,for wich there is no excuse!


A1 First Voice: Sound Of Hair Bleeding
A2 Second Voice: Sound Of Heat
A3 Third Voice: Sound Of Cold
A4 Fourth Voice: Sound Of Wetness
A5 Fifth Voice: Sound Of A Finger Burning
A6 Sixth Voice: Sound Of A Flower Falling
A7 Seventh Voice: Sound Of An Eye Tearing
A8 Eighth Voice: Sound Of Bones Growing
A9 Ninth Voice: Sound Of A Nose Peeling
A10 Tenth Voice: Sound Of A Lighted Window
A11 Eleventh Voice: Sound Of An Old Man Loving
A12 Twelth Voice: Sound Of Love Turning
A13 Thirteenth Voice: Sound Of A Dream Kissing And All Dreams Are Not For Sale


Anonymous said...

Do you have any Cash On Demand releases?
OOPS I do mean Vinyl On Demand.

mandolinny said...

What did you hear about Ciani having exclusive access to Buchla hardware? He'd already built the synthesizer Morton Subotnick played on Silver Apples of the Moon, released in 1967, and I thought after that he was happy to sell one to anybody who had the savvy to know what it could do and the money to pay for it.

The story I heard about Ciani was that she synthesized the sound effect of a can of Coca-Cola being opened and poured, which got used in all their adverts for the next decade, and she earned huge royalties on it-- money that would probably allow her to commission a custom Buchla rig, I suppose.

Mr. Childish said...

"Sound of Wetness"

Hyuk hyuk hyuk.....and the hits just keep on cummin'.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dear Anon...which C-O-D ones do you want?...i fancied the idea of doing an alternative download site dedicated just for Fat Franks benefit...called VD on Demand.....but i'll hold that back as a possible V-weapon.

Jonny Zchivago said...

@Mor Childish..."The Sound of Bones growing" Yurk! Yurk!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I figured that she was a student and there was only one Buchla on the campus, but she got to use it 24 7 for months on end.