Sunday, 17 May 2020

Delia Derbyshire / Brian Hodgson / Don Harper ‎– "Electrosonic" (KPM Music ‎– KPM 1104) 1972

Again Delia and Brian earning a few extra quid moonlighting for a soundtrack library,under the pseudonyms of Li De La Russe,and Nikki St.George,inexplicably, with Aussie Jazz violinist Don Harper.
A lot of these kind of electronic ditties used to frequently turn up on kids programmes,and programming for schools when i was a nipper.So there's a nostalgic feeling about them, ironically, as they were supposed to invoke visions of the future;but as always, the future envisaged in the past is so much better than the actual future we actually get.


1 Quest 1:40
2 Quest-fast 1:05
3 Computermatic 1:10
4 Frontier Of Knowledge 2:02
5 The Pattern Emerges 2:50
6 Freeze Frame 1:32
7 Plodding Power 1:46
8 Busy Microbes 1:35
9 Liquid Energy 1:50
10 Liquid Energy (Rhythm Only) 0:55
11 No Man's Land 1:46
12 Depression 1:24
13 Nightwalker 1:55
14 Electrostings 0:16
15 Electrobuild 0:17
16 Celestial Cantabile 3:26
17 Effervescence 1:57
18 The Wizard's Laboratory 2:03
19 Shock Chords 0:35


kevinesse said...

sire! i;ve got this one but the last 4 or so posts of bbc stuff were so bloody ENJOYABLE!! thanks

Doug said...

Really appreciate these Delia posts, thank you. On the subject of BBC Radiophonic music, any chance of sharing anything from Daphne Oram?

Deb Sugar said...
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Jonny Zchivago said...

You're in luck Doug. She'll be up after the DD connected stuff.Without Daphne,there would have been NO BBC radiophonic workshop.