Thursday, 21 May 2020

Delia Derbyshire & Anthony Newley ‎– "Moogies Bloogies" (Trunk Records ‎– TTT008) 2014/1966

Newley wanted electronics,Newley gets Electronics.
This was gonna be David Bowies vocal influence's 'new' direction,and someone recommended Delia Derbyshire to provide this new fangled electronic stuff. 
So this 'Perv Pop' novelty electronica was gonna be Delia's route to chart sucess.....but.....Newley ,although very enthusiatic about his little dirty raincoat song,went to hollywood to be a crooning star,and it never got released. Delia was initially ashamed of it,but allegedly grew to love it over the ensuing decades....and Newley?..., well he got to hang out at Roman Polanski and Sharon Tait's drug fuelled orgies,and the Moogies and Bloogies were never mentioned again. If he had hung out on the right night in Polanski's residence he could have been stabbed up by the Manson Family,and this would have been a big hit. Delia couldn't even rely on Charlie Manson to help provide those elusive royalties,just like those that the BBC kept for themselves.
"The late Anthony Newley told his label that he wanted to do something electronic. So they got on to me. So I produced this bloopy track and he loved it so much he double-tracked his voice and he used my little tune.
  The winking knees in the rain, and their mini-skirts. I'd done it as a lovely little innocent love song, because he said to me that the only songs are, "I love you, I love you" or songs saying "you've gone, you've gone."
  I'd written this beautiful little innocent tune, all sensitive love and innocence, and he made it into a dirty old raincoat song. But he was really chuffed! Joan and Jackie Collins dropped him off in a limousine at my lovely little flat above a flower shop, and he said "If you can write songs like this, I'll get you out of this place"! It was only a single-track demo tape. So he rang up his record company saying "We want to move to a multi-track studio". Unfortunately the boss of the record company was on holiday, and by the time he returned Anthony Newley had gone to America with Joan Collins, so it was never released.
" (Delia Derbyshire,1999)


A1 Moogies Bloogies
B1 I Decoded You (Moogies Bloogies Part 2)

BONUS Errant Delia Stuff
"The Anger Of Achilles" (BBC Radio Play 1964)
DOWNLOAD the lost newley from derbyshire HERE!


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