Friday, 1 May 2020

Ruth White ‎– "7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards And Pinions" (Limelight ‎– LS 86058) 1968

Don't mess around with the Occult kids, because nothing will happen. There's many a time my sister and I got the Waddington's Ouija Board out from the loft, where it was banished by my mother, to hold a seance with dead spirits trapped in limbo, doomed to walk the earth for eternity.....which would be difficult as the Earth will be consumed by the sun in a few billion years time. So what happens to the ghosts when the sun becomes a red giant, then it goes super nova!? More to the point, I'm terribly worried about Satan!? Whats he gonna do when hell is destroyed by a Super Nova!? 
Who will be left to ask what the winning numbers will be in the National Lottery? Who can I sell my soul to to achieve fame ,fortune and be as sucessful with women as Eric Weber?
If you've ever thought about commiting suicide while listening to an Ozzy Osbourne record, then you're simple enough to believe in this Occult nonsense; because during our seance's they never answered the time honoured question, "Is There Anybody there?"....ever! Once we asked , after asking what will be the winning lottery numbers of course, "Is there nobody there?";to which we got the same answer.....silence. Someone was moving the plastic cursor thing anyway when we asked if it was going to rain which the answer, "No" was obviously incorrect.
This album by Ladylectronic pioneer Ruth White,alludes to the blacker side of the dark arts, and it, in itself is far scarier and real than any Black magic voodoo. 
The most frightening part is the title....can anyone imagine the chaos and bowel cleansing terror of a world with Seven Donald Trumps spreading stupidity and ignorance across the planet like an apocalyptic wiping of undiluted bleach on a kitchen work surface?Extinguishing all intelligent life except the common lesser spotted Redneck to start civilisation anew?
Grits anyone? Southern styyyyyyllle.

Quick change the subject!!!

The inside cover states Ruth White uses several multi-channel tape recorders (including 2 new Ampex AG 440 machines), a Moog synthesizer, oscillators, modulators, electronic organ and electronic clavichord, two pianos, a harpsichord, and variable speed and reverberation devices as only part of the full lineup of machines used.

Now to continue  work on that VoODoo dolly of Fat Frank from VOD, with this playing in the background.


Side A : 7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards

A1 Wheel Of Fortune 3:24
A2 Magician 2:25
A3 Hanged Man 3:26
A4 Sun 2:15
A5 Tower 3:24
A6 Lovers / World 6:00

Side B : Pinions (A Choreography About Symbolic Flight)

B1 Beginnings (Prototypes) 2:39
B2 No Wings (Without Imagination / No Desire For Flight) 2:33
B3 Wings Clipped (Too Many External Involvements / Flight Stopped) 6:08
B4 Wanting Wings (Limited Capacity / No Flight Possible) 3:42
B5 Love Gives Wings (With Wings) 8:49


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"Don't mess around with the Occult kids, because nothing will happen." Priceless!

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