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Delia Derbyshire/Brian Hodgson/ David Vorhaus ‎– "Electronic Music" (Standard Music Library ‎– ESL 104) 1969

.Delia and Brian (Hodgson) moonlighting from the Radiophonic Workshop,appearing as Li de la Russe(a reference to Delia's flowing Red locks) & Nikki St. George,presumably to avoid conflict with the BBC, with future White Noise partner David Vorhaus;doing their bit for library music.
Even more naughty is that a lot of these tracks were used by Beeb rivals Thames Television, for their kids sci-fi series' "The Tomorrow People" and "Timeslip".
The music on this library disc certainly is not synth pop but provides a perfectly sinister atmosphere for that science fiction movie you were making in your attic.Or the quirky track for those lighter moments.It's Delia's trackmark Musique Concréte moments that provide the more disturbing sonic vistas;one of the tracks is described as 'Heavy Industrial' this the first use of the term as regards to music? Another track description on the rear cover is "Abstract, despairing cries" of a soul lost in space.Could this be a pointer to how Miss D was feeling? For there was surely some darkness struggling to get out of Miss Derbyshire's mind,which would help explain her slow terminal slide into alcoholism. Brain,aka Nikki St. George, mentioned that she seemed almost on the edge of a breakdown towards the point of her ,and his, departure from the Radiophonic workshop. The source of which one can only speculate.Maybe the lack of recognition, or it may have something to do with her dismissive comment about her know, the one's who fuck you up?...."The only thing my parents gave me was my name."
Whatever the cause,she was burnt out by the mid-seventies,but the soundscapes she left us are a disturbingly descriptive soundtrack to any breakdown.


A1 Lure Of The Space Goddess 0:27
A2 Battle Theme 1:00
A3 Homeric Theme 1:19
A4 Greek Concrete 0:20
A5 Attack Of The Alien Minds 2:19
A6 Gothic Submarine 1:55
A7 Whirring Menace 2:17
A8 Souls In Space 1:39
A9 Time Capsule 1:52
A10-1 London Lemons (Theme 1) 0:04
A10-2 London Lemons (Theme 2) 0:04
A10-3 London Lemons (Theme 3) 0:03
A10-4 London Lemons (Theme 4) 0:04
A10-5 London Lemons (Theme 5) 0:04
A10-6 London Lemons (Theme 6) 0:03
A10-7 London Lemons (Theme 7) 0:05
A10-8 London Lemons (Theme 8) 0:06
A10-9 London Lemons (Theme 9) 0:04
B1 Restless Relays 1:03
B2 Planetarium 1:34
B3 Wet Asteroid 1:30
B4 Way Out 1:49
B5 Fresh Aire 0:08
B6 Delia's Theme 1:19
B7 Tentative Delia 0:20
B8 Delia's Idea 0:20
B9 Delia's Psychadelian Waltz 0:35
B10 Delia's Resolve 0:04
B11 Delia's Dream 0:39
B12 Delia's Reverie 0:21
B13 Delia's Fulfilment 0:21
B14 Build Up To... 1:22
B15 Snide Rhythms 0:05

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Here i have a succsessor to this joint venture as a "Thank you" for this sharing, but WITHOUT Miss Delia, called "Encore Electronics" from 1975.
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