Thursday, 1 November 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Underground Wave Volume 5" (Walhalla Records ‎– WR011) 2016

Voila! A fifth volume of forgotten Belgian minimal synth from the pre-cambrian waters of electronic pop, unearthed by Walhalla Records for your entertainment.This was from a time,the Eighties, when Technology was our friend not our controller, and didn't spy on our shopping habits, or track our movements.A time when our brains were in our skulls,except when we were on drugs,instead of in a handheld machine that hypnotises our children.Where's Pol Pot when you need him huh?Perhaps thats too extreme?What we need is a form of musical Neo-Luddism to reclaim the job of humanity in the arts Industry? Better still remove Industry out of the arts all together,or even nationalise it all and provide a guaranteed state income?
One thing i am actually proud of from my hometown of Leicester(UK) is the initiation of the Ludditte movement by angry weaver Ned Ludd, when he smashed up two weaving machines in 1779; exactly two hundred years before the automisation of the pop industry began.
Yeah Ok, i am guilty of using technology to 'rob' artists of royalties maybe, but it was technology that provided their work-free lifestyles in the first place.We are helping musicians reclaim the honesty in their vocation by incentivising actually working for a living, like the rest of us,or rejecting the despicable 'music for profit' principle. That's all Ned honest days work for an honest days pay. The days of Led Zepplin jetting around like super-rich decadent dandies are well and truly over thanks to the Internet.Major record companies are nearing bankruptcy, and self-releases are now the norm.Exactly what 'Punk Rock' failed to achieve in its short lifetime.Yes kids, technology is a force of Good after all?


A1 –7 A Nou - Victims 03:25
A2 –RDP - So You 04:05
A3 –Analysis - Gravity Dance 03:21
A4 –No Unauthorized - J'Attends 03:37
A5 –Nacht Und Nebel - Robot Robot 02:50
A6 –Dead Man Industry - Desorientation In Grey 04:15
B1 –Schicksal - Deceived 03:00
B2 –Unidentified Man - Defaced Places 04:03
B3 –Breast Implosion - Galoppin' Gertie 04:28
B4 –Man Without World - All Nymphs Are Volcanic 04:35
B5 –Vita Noctis - Hymn 03:18
B6 –Kunzysteem - Brighter Than Light 03:22

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Chris Sessions said...

Excited to get an earful of these. Thanks as always Jonny!