Friday, 30 November 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Close Circuit Connection II" (Minimal Maximal ‎– MM012) 2013

Of course theres's always gonna be a volume two isn't there?
This one expands beyond the borders of Belgium and includes some electronic acts from North America to the mix.namely Front Line assembly and Numb from Vancouver. Crash Course In science from Philadelphia. Die Form plus Trisomie 21 from France, and Die Krupps from Germany.Then we got Click Clack from the UK, Borghesia from Yugoslavia,Twice A Man of Sweden. Of course there has to be an obligatory Swiss act, from the classically swiss named Carlos Peron.
In fact there are zero Belgians on here, so that kind of defeats the object of this exercise in exploring the Belgian fascination for synth duo's and general cold wave stuff in the early to mid-eighties.
None the less, this is an excellent compilation in the classsic hard electronic Belgian EBM stylee.


A1 –Click Click - Nube
A2 –Die Form - Tecknoslaves
A3 –Crash Course In Science - In Your Own Backyard
A4 –Numb - Push It
A5 –Borghesia - Secret Affair No.4
B1 –Front Line Assembly - Resuraction
B2 –Twice A Man - Cloud Sky Damage Version One
B3 –Die Krupps - Tod & Teufel (Live)
B4 –Carlos Perón - A Dirty Song - Long Version
B5 –Trisomie 21 - Youth Called To Edge Remix


ted mills said...

Hey now, Carols Peron is not just a Spanish-named Swiss bloke, he's one of the original three members of Yello!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, would you credit it?

Vaykorus said...