Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Climax Productions Presents...." (Climax Productions ‎– CB 101) 1986

The inevitable vinyl follow up to the original "Climax Productions" cassette, starts off brilliantly with four classic examples of proto Belgian Electronic Body Music. Then it gets a bit 'Experimental',and then sails uncomfortably close to the kind of naff euro-disco that we anglo-saxons tend to laugh at.
However, this is still a fine minimal synth compilation from the pre-Acid House era.The bad euro-pop only serves to make the good stuff sound better.In this iTunes generation ,bad tunes too often get removed from the running order on your iPhones.Thats like deleting ying and leaving us with only Yang, or editing History to make dictators look like fine upstanding do-gooders.We need the 'bad' to know what 'good' is....then we still probably woudn't know!
Todays challenge is : to Define 'Evil' in ten words of three sylables or less....then Define musical 'Evil' in two. Nouns ARE accepted. (I'll accept Red-Hot Chilli Peppers as two words...there are exceptions to every rule after all?).


A1 –White House White - Jungle Emotions
A2 –Absolute Body Control - Car Fever
A3 –Vita Noctis - She Likes Me
A4 –Schicksal - Body Beat
A5 –Nightmare Reality - The Cage
B1 –Somnambulist - The Seaman's Imagined Fish
B2 –Private Image - The Game
B3 –The French Park - The Turn Of A Card
B4 –Cross Arc - Take This Day Away
B5 –Deliens Roger - Falling Rain
B6 –Private Image - This Belongs To Your Show


Anonymous said...

Great Post, Thanks.
By The Way, Does Any Kind Soul Out There
Remember The Passward Of The Yasswadd Blog Which Is Not Exists Anymore ?
Thanks In Advance.

Jonny Zchivago said...

What are you looking for on the Yasswadda blog? May be able to assist....but no password is in my memory.

Pisŧöff said...

We'll play.

Ever tried pumpkin spice beer? Why- just WHY? That shit's EVIL.

That's the first.

Bon Jovi to the second.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dear, never been lured by pumpkin spiced beer.Now I know its pure evil i will pass it up if ever offered a flagon of said evil.
Bon Jovi is bordering on the 'too Evil' category.....but i will risk permanent injury by accepting this as pure musical evil of the highest degree.

Anonymous said...

Hi Johhny Zchivago,
I'm Looking For This One From The Yasswadda blog:

Qluster_Schneider TM - Am Horizont Bimanual Complexity.

I Found A Mega Link From Tradownload Page But It's Password Protected.
Thanks For Your Interest.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi,yeah got it.....i'll upload it and post the link here later.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Anonymous said...

Oh Jonny Zchivago,
Thanks A Billion For The Qluster Link !!!
You Are A Great Guy !!!
I Really Appreciate Your Help.