Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Neon Judgement ‎– "TV Treated" (Kleo) 1982

Dirk Da Davo and TB Frank were,and probably still are, Belgian proto-EBM duo The Neon Judgement....if you're interested?
Never really been curious as to who were in the groups I liked, just between me and you.
The individuals in a group,unless the group is an individual (eg Lydon/SexPistols),are rarely bigger than the team;and if they are bigger than the team you end up with an ego-driven prick like Lydon in The Pistols,or, Ronaldo at Real Madrid;and who wants to watch Real Ma-fucking-drid?
The Residents tick all the boxes in these areas, both in their rejection of the cult of personality, and in their sublimely abstrct lyrics.All this has been ruined by the internet ruthlessly outing the Identity of anyone slightly anonymous,including,unfortunately, The Residents.
Also, one never really investigated the lyrics either, especially those lyrics that were projected clearly as if the projector thought they had something important or clever to say to the projectee,in other words us ordinary folk.There are obvious exceptions to this of course, but The Neon Judgement aren't one of them.The voice is important only as an instrument, that can add emotion and that essential 'Human error' element to music, especially to electronic music.
TV Treated, is actually the first classic 'Judgement' track,surfing comfortably on the hiss on this early cassette EP. I suspect that  after this they started singing more clearly,printing lyrics, and recording in Hi-Fidelity;lots of pop star nonsense like that.It happens to the best of us.
I wouldn't really know, because I've never really been one to buy an artists records after the first couple of releases either!
...and yes...there are exceptions to that too!
I could download some later Judgement works for free from the same evil internet that has destroyed the myths and career paths of music forever!....but....Nahhhhh.
Leave me with my fantasy.


A1 TV Treated
A2 Stay Mad
B1 Sister Sue
B2 On My Own


Mrs. Inside said...

AMAZING! Thank you!

Chris Sessions said...

First heard Neon Judgement back in the early 90's but didn't know how good they really were until I heard 'TV Treated' on a Belgian AB radio show, Liaisons Dangereuses, which featured New Beat and other great sounds. I'm looking forward to hearing more of these tunes from Neon Judgement. Thanks as always!