Sunday, 11 November 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Koude Golven - A Collection Of Belgian Cold Wave & Punk 1979-1984" ( OnderStroom Records ‎– OS10) 2010

Its as if the Soul and Blues explosion of the sixties never happened. This cold wind of emotionally bankrupt post-punk is totally devoid of any discernable 'Black' influence whatsoever.
This music is so White, it could be a washing powder that promises sheets with the blue whiteness,whiter than white.
The only emotions expressed are bitter hopelessness(if that counts as an emotion?), and the only tears shed are born from miserable self-pity.
In an age where the average male is encouraged to mimick the female emotional spectrum or be labelled a brutal potential rapist whose only emotion is anger, and should never be left alone with children! Where the 'strong silent type' is now thought of as in desperate need of counseling, or even sentenced to decades of psycho-therapy, only to find out he's actually a normal male of the human animal species following a hard wired male behavoural pattern!? No the male is not a malfunctioning woman, he/it's just 'Different' to most ladies.
I notice that all this miserable Cold Wave stuff is made almost exclusively by these same white malfunctioning female males...albeit Malfunctioning Belgian Female males.'Non-Females',the future word for 'Men', will no doubt be the Collins dictionary 'word of the Year' 2019........excuse me a moment while I have a little cry in the corner, and apologize for my ancestors starting all those wars. 


1–Company Of State - Discipline
2–Company Of State - Dark
3–Company Of State - Jamomine Man
4–Siglo XX - The Naked And The Death
5–Siglo XX - Individuality
6–Siglo XX - Obsession
7–Gruppenbild - Tranquility
8–Gruppenbild - Onbereikbaar
9–Gruppenbild - Maatschappij
10–Sovjet War - Guns For Fun
11–Sovjet War - Just A Story
12–Sovjet War - It Became A Problem
13–The N.U.E - A Funeral Birthday
14–The N.U.E - Broken Window
15–The N.U.E - The Days Arrive
16–De Brassers - Kontrole
17–De Brassers - En Toen Was Er Niets Meer
18–De Brassers - Twijfels
19–Struggler - Night Fever
20–Struggler - My Heart
21–The Cultural Decay - Brave New World
22–The Cultural Decay - End Of The Corridor
23–Suspects - This Reality
24–Suspects - Bombs
25–Day After - Ticking Away
26–Day After - Civilization
27–Day After - Desert Of Time


northfieldhat said...

ha ha ha haha! It's a worldwide problem...
I'd fight it, but those against violence would hit me!

Jonny Zchivago said...

You've never lived until you've been beaten up by a pacifist.