Saturday, 10 November 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Tu Quoque, Fili Mi" (Cauchy Productions) 1987

A rather strange Julius Caeser's assasination concept compilation from the home of the Cabbage comp's, Cauchy Productions of Belgium.
This one has a distinct Industrial flavour. 
Hassan I. Sabbah would approve of the concept, so I suggest there is a wider target for this cassettes' themes of betrayal, and political ruthlessness.
When Caesar recognized his adopted son Brutus as being one of his murderers, his famous last words were "Tu Quoque, Fili Mi" (You Too, My Son). Adapted for modern day language by 'No Unauthorised' with their track "Toi Aussi, Mon Fils De Pute" other words, 'You too my son of a whore?'....bloody potty mouths spoil everything don't they?

A1 –Hypnobeat - Sectio Caesarea
A2 –Bene Gesserit - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
A3 –Weird Scenes - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
A4 –Maniacs - Ook Gij (Live)
A5 –Costes Cassette - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
A6 –Modern Art - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
A7 –X-Ray Pop - A Coups De Glabostotok
A8 –The Twins - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
B1 –No Unauthorized - Toi Aussi, Mon Fils De Pute
B2 –Smersh - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
B3 –Urbain Autopsy - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
B4 –Det Wiehl - Rome
B5 –The Haters - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
B6 –De Fabriek - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
B7 –Rambo's Fist - Tu Quoque, Fili Mi
B8 –Solomonoff & Von Hoffmannstahl - As Soon As He's Dead

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