Thursday, 8 November 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Tape Concerto" (The Cassette Factory) 1986

Another classic Belgian Cold Wave/Minimal Synth compilation from 1986,that's even got some well known acts on it? For example Linear Movement and the Klinik.
There may well be some foreign interlopers on this C-60, but it mostly contains Belgians singing and strumming, but mostly playing a gorgeous range of analogue synthesizers,and programming Drum machines.
I suppose there should be a warning on the cover, like the ones  those sandwiches with secret peanuts in don't have...."Warning:May Contain Belgians".....well it does, so those of you with any ongoing psychosomatic disorder involving dropping dead upon the slightest contact with a Belgian, should proceed with extreme caution.


National Side

A1 –Paul K. - Loverblade Cha-Cha
A2 –Trefoil - Tata
A3 –Syndrome - Night Talk
A4 –Pascal Massün - Interludium
A5 –Robert Van Camp - Just For Fun
A6 –Guy De Simpele - Kruipen
A7 –Split Second - Resignation
A8 –Linear Movement - Five Faces 

International Side

B1 –Albert Et Guido - Calculs Au Reia...
B2 –Het Psigotroop - Modern Man
B3 –Gerhard Abrahamsson - Clouds In The Way
B4 –Denis Mpunga + Paul K. - Untitled
B5 –Bryan Ruryk - Walking On Wooden Floors
B6 –Bremheks - Can I Ever Break Away
B7 –A.D. Eker - Sensoria Has Got Me
B8 –The Klinik - Rozenberg-Burning Inside (Live)
B9 –Unovidual + Tara Cross - Discovering Dishes

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