Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Suicide ‎– "Live 1977-1978" (Blast First Petite ‎– PTYT 011) 2008

I dunno what you lot have done to deserve this, but Here's a six cd box set of Suicide live performances from 1977 to 1978!?
Starting off in their native New York City, where they experienced no riots, to Europe where they seemed to invoke a need in the european audience to smash things up and try to kill our favourite minimal synth-punk duo?
Like the non-interference directive in Star Trek, to avoid influencing primitive alien cultures.Sometimes it was necessary for Kirk,Bones and Spock to intervene and stear the locals away from bad habits and towards a more progressive way of life. This is what Suicide did in Belgium,appearing like aliens themselves,beaming down to civilise the 'Rock' world by ditching all rock paraphernalia .As soon as Vega and Rev interfered in Belgian affairs,that country never looked backwards.Emulating a solid state Helen of Troy, Suicide were the faces that launched a thousand minimal electronic duo's, especially in the low countries,and especially in Belgium.
Dunno how many versions of 'Rocket USA' you can stand, but it tends to take on another form the more you listen to it.....and I should know, I've listened to the whole of The Stooges Funhouse Sessions, and this is an equally surreal experience. 
The previous post had a version of the Brussels riot show on it, but here its been 'remastered' back into Mono, and seems to include an inferior version of the "21½ Minutes In Berlin" concert from 30th july(it says june here) 1978, including bleeped out naughty words.....so click here to complete your instant Suicide live collection.


DISC 1 - 1977 NYC 46:52
CBGB Sep 29 1977 24:43

1-1.1 96 Tears Intro
1-1.2 Ghostrider
1-1.3 Rocket USA
1-1.4 Cheree
1-1.5 Jonny
1-1.6 Frankie Teardrop
CBGB Dec 3 1977 Set 2 22:09
1-2.1 Ghostrider
1-2.2 Jesus Vega
1-2.3 Frankie Teardrop
1-2.4 Put A Little Love In Your Heart
DISC 2 - 1978 NYC 71:21
The Palladium Jan 7 1978 21:45
2-1.1 Rocket USA
2-1.2 Cheree
2-1.3 Dance
2-1.4 Frankie Teardrop
Max's Jan 13 1978 22:55
2-2.1 Ghostrider
2-2.2 Rocket USA
2-2.3 Cheree
2-2.4 Dance
2-2.5 96 Tears
2-2.6 Frankie
CBGB Feb 3 1978 26:41
2-3.1 Harlem
2-3.2 Ghostrider
2-3.3 Keep Your Dreams
2-3.4 Dance
2-3.5 Frankie Teardrop
DISC 3 - 1978 Belgium/France 70:42
Brussels June 16 1978 23:44
3-1.1 Ghost Rider
3-1.2 Rocket USA
3-1.3 Cheree
3-1.4 Dance
3-1.5 Frankie Teardrop
Paris Olympia June 18 1978 46:58
3-2.1 Ghostrider
3-2.2 Rocket USA
3-2.3 Cheree
3-2.4 Dance
3-2.5 Frankie Teardrop
3-2.6 Backstage
DISC 4 - 1978 Germany 68:29
Hamburg Audiomax June 28 1978 21:26
4-1.1 Rocket USA
4-1.2 Cheree
4-1.3 Harlem
Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 22:42
4-2.1 Ghostrider
4-2.2 Rocket USA
4-2.3 Cheree
4-2.4 Harlem
4-2.5 96 Tears
Berlin Kant Kino/Neue Welt June 30 1978 Set 2 24:21
4-3.1 Ghostrider
4-3.2 Rocket USA
4-3.3 96 Tears
4-3.4 Dance
4-3.5 Harlem
DISC 5 - 1978 UK 64:17
London Music Machine July 24 1978 25:37
5-1.1 Rocket USA
5-1.2 Dance
5-1.3 Harlem
5-1.4 Cheree
5-1.5 Mr. Ray
"Our Price" Radio Ad 1978 1:09
5-2 Our Price Radio Ad
Erics Liverpool July 29 1978 31:12
5-3.1 Rocket USA
5-3.2 Cheree
5-3.3 Ghostrider
5-3.4 96 Tears
Erics Pt. 2 July 29 1978 6:19
5-4 Cum Ahead Frankie Teardrop
DISC 6 - 1978 NYC 43:35
Maxs August 25 1978 43:35
6-1.1 Ghostrider
6-1.2 Rocket USA
6-1.3 Cheree
6-1.4 Mr. Ray
6-1.5 Jonny
6-1.6 Harlem


heavy_dubby said...

well thank you. this is great. unfortunately i attended just one show, it was around 2004. one of the most disappointing performance i had witnessed. these recordings are what i was expecting back then...

northfieldhat said...

Thanks! and it's funny they caused so much "damage" with such short shows

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, whenever i go to a gig...which is not very often.....i usually start to get bored round about 20 minutes, so i reckon thats the perfect gig length in my opinion. Suicide were nearly always the support act anyway,so 20 mins is quite normal.I'm suprised they got to stay on stage that long with the dumbasses who made up the audience.

Paulo X said...

Thank you very much, sir!

Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

No need to put this in the post. Check first rhythm-box

Jay Mucci said...

Hi, I downloaded it... but most of the songs are missing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

With a file size of half a gigabyte i strongly suspect they are all there...you must have made an error.....i'd have to download it myself to check,and i can't be bothered to do that,never mind re-up it.

Unknown said...

A couple years after the fact, but if anyone comes along and is hesitant because of the above: all the tracks AND all of the songs are really there. The problem is that Blast First! mastered each performance as its own track, so you can't really skip around within a particular date. So all of the September '77 date is track 1 (and it's broken down in the info as 1.1, 1.2, etc.). Hope this helps!