Sunday, 24 May 2015

Various Artists ‎– "1980: The First Fifteen Minutes" (Neutron Records ‎– NT 003) 1979

The first fifteen minutes of 1980 a mini compilation of four Sheffield bands from that city's golden period, on Vice Versa's own Neutron Records.
Naturally it features Vice Versa, with their classic minimal electronica,along with Clock DVA in early (ie Good) mode, the fantastic I'm So Hollow, and the very shit Stunt Kites.
Worth it for the I'm So Hollow track alone,even though it was also featured on "Hicks From The Sticks"; this band,for me, represents the perfect pop group formula,intelligent and memorable tunes with an experimental edge;a total lack of ambition,and split up before they even released their debut LP. Leave 'em wanting more,as the old showbiz rule states so wisely. I want more, but there ain't gonna be any more;and that's fine by me.


A1 Clock DVA - Brigade

A2 Stunt Kites - Beautiful People

B1 Vice Versa - Genetic WarFare

B2 I'm So Hollow - I Don't Know

DOWNLOAD the last fifteen minutes of 1979 HERE!


Anonymous said...

So much great stuff came out of the Sheffield area around this time (not including the usual culprits)... I need to dig out that A Bouquet of Steel compilation for another listen... thanks for this!

Mr. Cockroach said...

I love your site so much!!!! Thanks for all of the gems you post, my life is a better place thanks to you!!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

You will not be surprised to hear that "A Bouquet Of Steel" will be coming up,after a couple of early tapes from some of the usual suspects.

Jonny Zchivago said...

thanks Mr Cockroach,good to hear I'm useful for something positive.

the saucer people said...

A Bouquet Of Steel! God, that got the old neurons firing! Can't wait to hear that again after all these decades!

Got to agree with you, Vice Versa is the stand out track, closely followed by I'm So Hollow and Clock DVA in a close 2nd tie and the Stunt Kites are not even off the starting block!

The real mystery in the Neutron catalogue is this one:

Though Discogs refers to it as a tape, I have also seen it referenced as a 7 Inch Single (which actually makes more sense) - but who it was by and if it was ever released, who knows - I am guessing it was nothing to do with Vice Versa music wise as surely it would have surfaced on the VOD release - anyway, sounds intriguing.

There is another really interesting Sheffield band release that completely escaped my radar - a 300 page book and CD

I wonder if it came out at the same time as that documentary Made In Sheffield (or something equally imaginative - I have a rip of it somewhere if anyone has not seen it, I can upload it somewhere).

There is also a great page filled with Sheffield band releases I found here, makes interesting reading (sadly the mix is no longer available to d/l)

I was just thinking about Sheffield bands I used to like and suddenly it came to me - The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor! (though if memory serves, I think they actually came from Rotherham, just outside Sheffield). So pleased with myself, thinking I bet hardly anyone remembers them - until I saw that V*D had released a compilation in 2007! (Jesus, I feel like I'm been haunted by Herr Maier!) I can even remember the voice of John Peel mentioning them on air!

Anyway, couldn't find a rip of the album but I did stumble across a rip of one of their 2nd single over at that nice Systems Of Romance blog:

I must admit, the music isn't as good as I remember but the last track 'Synthesizers (the Story So Far)' is a monster of minimal synth goodness.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The naughtiest girl are a bit of am acquired taste.The first track sounds like someone had fallen asleep while leaning on the keyboard.Not a fan.
The forgotten demo's sound interesting.....noted The Box, might post their first ep after the next Clock DVA tape. Graph, they were on earcom 1?
There's just soooo much to discover/rediscover from the past, who needs the present?

Mit said...

Man the Stunt Kites really are gets better awful at the 12 minute mark. This popped up after someone mentioned the 2.3 vid from same day on another post. And yeah bands don't look good in the daylight at all !

the saucer people said...

yeah, I agree about the first two tracks on The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor single - not good, by any stretch of the imagination - but I stand my ground about 'Synthesizers (the Story So Far)' - wish I could hear that 2007 VOD compilation but fat chance of that happening.

Good gods, have we a consensus emerging in the DIEORDIY comments section?
Sorry, Stunt Kites, you get 'nul points'!

For the next comment, cue the... "I was the original bass player in the Stunt Kites and I take exception to..."

Jonny Zchivago said...

I was the original Bass Player in the Stunt Kites and I am ashamed of myself!........not really, it was Me Jonny Z role playing.But if he did comment the only acceptable quote would be this one. terrible stuff.

Jon Downing said...

I compiled that ‘steel city score’ page mentioned above. If you want some sheffield based music, you might care to listen to the mixes here:

Luis said...

Thank you so much for your good taste music blog!!!!

Solist said...

Oh come on people, give 'em a break. As a whole, this EP is a great piece of pure enthusiastic DIY documentary evidence from the time - The Stunt Kites' may seem like a "second rate" punk song but it is exactly what counts, the punk attitude and the rawness that makes it appealing, "Beautiful People" is intriguingly provocative. Crass Records would have loved to have them on board. Neutron were there first and this is one true ace DIY EP. All four contributed to it to great effect.