Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Das Ding / Les Yeux Interdits - "Tear Apart tapes" (tat 001) 1982

Three more Das Ding quality  minimal synth workouts on a C20,shared with the superior Les Yeux Interdits. Whatever happened to them and their 'forbidden eyes' is anyone's guess,but they have contributed one of thee all time classic minimal synth tunes in "Prison",which is a towering android driven monster for the dancefloor in Logan's Run. If no-ones watching you can do some Robot dancing to this in front of the mirror.........I can see you,and yes, you do look like a compete fucking idiot; but who cares if you look like a twat when a tune like "Prison" is melting your tweeters.
I may do a clog dance and put my finger in a dyke in tribute to all this great dutch electronica.....In fact I jolly well will.

DOWNLOAD les mp3's inderdits HERE!


the saucer people said...

There is actually a slight cock-up with the track list on this tape according to Johan of Les Yeux Interdits.

See comments section for discussion:

The Prison track you mention by Les Yeux Interdits is correct but it seems No Longer Forgotten got the rest of the order wrong (and the way the 'alleged' Johan describes the 'new' running order can be further corroborated by the track 'Kindheitsmuster' which is on the Das Ding compilation and is the same song as the re-ordered track (god, my head is spinning typing this, reading it will be a Goonish nightmare!).

I was actually going to post a few Das Ding tracks on a blog I have been threatening to create for years so I did a little research into them and re-ordered the track list myself - so if you don't want the hassle of re-doing the rip, here is an updated one (I have included your scans as well as they are different from the ones from the original rip and added your cover tag).


the saucer people said...

To confuse matters even further, here is what I wrote a while ago:

This is the second version of TAT01 with re-recorded and partially different songs. The first version features two tracks by each artist and on the original release, Johan de Koeyer/Les Yeux Interdits uses the name 'J De K.'.

The original tape is referred to as 'Tear Apart Tapes N.01. C-20' on Discogs and features the following track list:

A1 Das Ding - Kindheitsmuster
A2 Das Ding - & & ?
B1 J. De K - Prison
B2 J. De K - Schicksal

On the first tape the line up of Das Ding not only includes Danny Bosten but 'D. Hense', 'R. Ji Skoot' and 'P. De Waal' but only Danny Bosten is mentioned on this release. As the tracks were re-recorded it makes sense to assume the original 'band' split, but this is just an assumption.

Also the first tape lists the instruments used by Das Ding as a Roland CSO-100 Sequencer and Boss DR 55 Rhythm Box. For Johan de Koeyer/Les Yeux Interdits it is simply listed as 'instruments and tape recorder'. Having only seen scans of the second release, I can find no reference to what instruments were used but it is a safe bet to assume they were the same or similar.

In the wake of the 'coldwave' revival, as I believe the young people call it, the music of Danny Bosten/Das Ding, the founder of Tear Apart Tapes has been reissued on the 'American 'Minimal Wave' label with an album in 2009 (Cat# MW019 - reissued again in 2012) with the title 'H.S.T.A.'.

The album features a version of 'Kindheitsmuster' which appears on this release.
However, the version of the track on Minimal Wave has a vocal fade out amongst other differences and clocks in at 3:27 and sounds faster than the version on this release which clocks in at 3:38, though this could be an artefact of the tape rather than a reflection of the original b.p.m. (for anyone who used to collect and duplicate cassette only releases back in the day, this problem is well known).

In 2013, a ten inch single with a limited run of 40 hand numbered copies appeared on the Dutch label 'Drop Of Blood Records' (Cat# DOB 058). The release features two tracks: the a-side 'Raid', taken from this cassette (or at least a version of the track as I have not yet heard it) and on the b-side, the title track of the Minimal Wave release, 'HSTA', (though this time without the punctuation).

Interestingly, though Danny Bosten and Johan De Koeyer are named as separate performers on this cassette, on the 'Raid' release, they are listed together, even though the tracks are attributed exclusively to 'Das Ding'.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Er...yeah!?......i think i'll leave it as it is, and let any one who wants to sort it. Its done my brane in!

the saucer people said...

You're right, it did my brain in re-reading what I wrote - so here is the straightforward, no going round the houses approach:

01 Das Ding - Kindheitsmuster should be labelled as Track 05 Les Yeux Interdits - Schicksal

02 Das Ding - Raid should be labelled as Track 01 Das Ding - Kindheitsmuster

03 Das Ding - Signature should be labelled as Track 06 Les Yeux Interdits - Sonnenschein

04 Les Yeux Interdits - Prison (Correct)

05 Les Yeux Interdits - Schicksal should be labelled as Track 02 Das Ding - Raid

06 Les Yeux Interdits - Sonnenschein should be labelled Track 03 Das Ding - Signature

So for anyone who comes in three years time and says the track order is wrong, they can update the DIEORDIY2 tags with the above information or download the MF link provided by me in the above comments or leave the whole thing alone and just listen to the music.