Monday, 18 May 2015

Tara Cross ‎– "Tempus Fugit" (Permis De Construire ‎– PER 012) 1988

It's 1988 and horrible digital synthesis is everywhere,the cheap secondhand analogue stuff is being snapped up by the financially challenged classes who would invent Acid House.
Tara Cross seems to have been largely by-passed by both electronic avenues,and stuck faithfully to the minimal synth stylee,with a touch of guitar,Only a small upgrade in the drum machine department,with what sounds like a secondhand TR808,or maybe a 909,listening to those digital toms on "Rain Sprouts". Again released on a European label,she appears to have been totally ignored in her homeland;if its not funky or rocky yer average american starts to become confused.
Having said that,this isn't as good as 'Limelight',but still has its moments.


A1Rain Sprouts
A3Shade Of Blue
A4Tempus Fugit
A5Days Fade
A6Pulse Purgative
B3That Boy
B5Aalter Image

DOWNLOAD before time passes too quick HERE!


Anonymous said...

Wow, a real New Yawker. Listen to how she pronounces the word 'heart'. Priceless. And it seems she is still doing very well, living and working in Brooklyn, New Yawk.. Your posts are two times the fun for me: the music and the subsequent Google searches to see where these long forgotten voices are these days. Thanks for that.

Jonny Zchivago said...

yeah, if only i could type the intricate nuances of the new yawk pronounciation of 'heart'. Its probably my favorite place on the planet. the rest of the USA is complete shite,but the new yawk area should be declared independant.

Fernfrequency said...

"the rest of the USA is complete shite" as an American I couldnt agree more tho I f'in hate the NY attitude(pushy a-hole's) but I love this music! I hate country accents even more in fact theres so much bastardized American English if you include the ghetto babble its not a stretch to make that comment!